Title Date Time Location
AIA Puget Sound Ridgway Lecture
Brian Rose (University of Pennsylvania)
Nov 8 to Nov 9 UW (specific location TBA)
Lecture, tba
Jenny Strauss Clay (Virginia)
May 18 3:30pm tba
'The Wise Crocodiles: New Ancient Music for Euripides' Helen'
John C. Franklin (University of Vermont)
Apr 27 3:30pm tba
'On the purported incompatibility of philosophy and the city: reputation in Plato’s Gorgias and Theaetetus'
Andreas Avgousti (Visiting Scholar in UW Department of Political Science)
Apr 12 12:30pm Denny 257, Meg Greenfield Room
Chad Carver, 'Pindar’s ὅπλων κρίσις: Ajax and Athens in Three Aeginetan Odes.'  Grace Funsten, 'A Learned Dog: Roman Elegy and the Epitaph for Margarita.'
Chad Carver and Grace Funsten (UW PhD program)
Apr 6 2:30pm Denny 257, Meg Greenfield Room
How to Spot a Roman Emperor
Mary Beard (Cambridge)
Mar 24 2:00pm University of Puget Sound - Rotunda in the Wheelock Student Center
How and Why to Talk to a Dictator about Philosophy, Poetry, and Dancing Naked: Cicero and Caesar in Cicero's speech Pro rege Deiotaro
Brian Krostenko (University of Notre Dame)
Mar 6 4:30pm Dempsey Hall 104
Reading Women's Experiences in New Comedy
Sharon James (UNC Chapel Hill)
Mar 2 3:30pm Paccar 293
Department Tea-Time Colloquium (double-header):    'Lesbius, Gellius, and Catullus: Rivals for the Lesbian Muse' (DC)    'Seeing Teucer Doubled: Ambiguity and Prophecy in Horace, Odes 1.7' (EAG) 
Daniel Conner and Edgar Adrián García (UW Classics PhD program)
Feb 28 4:30pm Denny 257, Meg Greenfield Room
Hebrew Traditions in Hellenistic Jewish sources: Philo of Alexandria and the Epistle to the Galatians
Michal Bar Asher Siegel and Elitzur Bar Asher Siegel
Feb 20 4:30pm Thomson 317
Finishing the Aeneid: translators' handling of Maffeo Vegio's Book 13
Susanna Braund (University of British Columbia)
Feb 9 3:30pm Paccar 293
Brothels and Prostitution at Pompeii
Sarah Levin-Richardson (UW Classics)
Jan 23 7:30pm UW campus, CMU 120


Title Date Time Location
The Politics of Greek Meter in Modern Asia
Tamara Chin (Comparative Literature, Brown University)
Nov 17 3:30pm PCAR 395
The Late Bronze Age Eruption of Thera
Floyd McCoy (Univ. of Hawaii) (AIA Joukowsky Lecturer)
Oct 27 7:30pm CMU (Communications Building) 120
'Efficacior Pictura: Morality and the Arts in Valerius Maximus'
Emma Brobeck, PhD Student, University of Washington
Oct 11 12:30pm Denny 257 (Meg Greenfield Room)
Was Virgil Reading the Bible? Original Sin and an Astonishing Acrostic in the Orpheus and Eurydice
Julia Dyson Hejduk (Baylor University)
Oct 6 3:30pm Paccar 295
 Elite Negotiation and Consensus Building: Rewriting early Roman Imperialism
Nicola Terrenato (Michigan) (Ridgway Lecturer)
Sep 28 12:30pm Tahoma Room, Thomas Hall, University of Puget Sound
Conceptualizing premodernities: What, Why, Who, How?
Wiebke Denecke, East Asian Literatures & Comparative Literature, Boston University
May 5 3:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities CMU 226
“And they made a pact between themselves”: Female Financial Relationships in Roman Pompeii
Kristina Milnor (Barnard)
May 4 3:30pm Smith 105
The Dragon and the Pearl: Late Antique Christian Renditions of an Eurasian Motif
Joel Walker, UW Department of History
Apr 11 4:00pm CMU 202
Why Hannah Arendt reads the Romans
Joy Connolly (CUNY Graduate Center)
Apr 7 3:30pm Paccar 295
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Creativity in the Vase-Painting of Euphronios
Guy Hedreen (Williams College) -- 2016-17 Ridgway Lecture
Mar 3 7:30pm CMU (Communications) 120
Materialist Theories of Perception, Belief in Gods, and the Question of Centaurs in Lucretius and Art
Guy Hedreen (Williams College)
Mar 2 4:00pm 291 Paccar Hall
Family History in Augustan Rome
Josiah Osgood (Georgetown)
Feb 24 3:30pm 295 Paccar Hall
De Arte Gladiatoria: Recovering Gladiatorial Tactics from Artistic Sources
Steven L. Tuck (Miami University)
Feb 11 1:00pm University of Puget Sound, Tahoma Room (Thomas Hall)
Virgil's Geopoetics
Alessandro Barchiesi (NYU) -- John B. and Mary K. McDiarmid Lecture
Feb 3 3:30pm Paccar 295


Title Date Time Location
On the Trail of Ancient Greeks and Romans in Plymouth Plantation
David Lupher (Whitman College)
Oct 8 1:00pm University of Puget Sound Campus, Thomas Hall, Tahoma Room
Creativity, Art and Scholarship: the research and writing of The Moor's Account
Dr. Laila Lalami
May 7 2:00pm Husky Union Building, Room 250, UW Seattle Campus
Problems and Pleasures in [Tibullus] 3
Stephen Heyworth, Professor of Latin, Bowra Fellow & Tutor in Classics, Wadham College, Oxford
Apr 8 3:30pm Smith 105
Metamorphosis and mutability in late antique epic
Philip Hardie, Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College, and Honorary Professor of Latin, University of Cambridge
Mar 28 5:00pm Condon Hall 109
Warfare in Ancient Persia, 550-330 BC (2015-16 Ridgway Lecture)
John Lee (Santa Barbara)
Mar 10 7:00pm 109 Wyatt Hall, University of Puget Sound
Thetis in Trojan Myth
Menelaos Christopoulos, University of Patras, Greece
Mar 4 3:30pm Condon Hall 309
Aspects of Greek Myth in European Opera
Menelaos Christopoulos, University of Patras, Greece
Mar 2 3:30pm Dempsey Hall 104
'Sapphic Stanzas: How do we read the rhythm?'
Yopie Prins (Michigan)
Mar 1 3:30pm HUB 214
'Sex and Other Things Sell: Athenian Potters and their Foreign Consumers'
Kathleen Lynch (Cincinnati)
Feb 6 1:00pm Tahoma Room in Commencement Hall, University of Puget Sound
A rethinking of Sappho in the light of the newest fragments
Gregory Nagy (Harvard)
Jan 12 3:30pm Condon Hall 109


Title Date Time Location
Constructing Memory in Augustan Italy
Eric Orlin (Univ. of Puget Sound)
Dec 3 7:30pm Communications (CMU) 120
“Orpheus Crosses the Atlantic: Native Americans Writing Latin in the Colonial Period”
Craig Williams (Illinois)
Nov 13 3:30pm Smith 102
'Shaping Audience Perceptions through Deictic Patterns: Aeschylus' Persians'
Nancy Felson (Georgia)
Oct 27 12:30pm Condon 309
''The Strangeness and Beauty of Cypriot Art"
William Childs (Princeton)
Oct 23 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Reconstructing Dance in the Stone Age?  Observations on the Comparative Method 
Elizabeth Barber (Occidental College)
Oct 9 3:30pm 106 Parrington
Coming of Age at Thermon: Marriage and Its Discontents on the Metopes of Temple C
Kathryn Topper (UW Classics)
May 19 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
The Psalms and Homer: Late Antique Classicizing Poetry and Christian Exegesis
Andrew Faulkner (Waterloo)
May 8 3:30pm 290 Paccar Hall
Wondering About, and Wondering At, Metamorphosis in Ancient Myth
Sarah Iles Johnston (Ohio State)
Apr 10 3:30pm Paccar 293
'Gladiators and Spectacular Violence in Ancient Rome'
Sarah C. Stroup (UW Classics)
Mar 15 12:30pm Seattle Public Central Library, Level 1, Microsoft Auditorium
 Horace, Lucan, and the Beginnings of the Eighteenth-Century Gothic
James Uden (Boston University)
Feb 26 12:30pm 209 Denny Hall
Pyrenaean Mountains and Deep-Valleyed Alps. Geography and Empire in the Garland of Philip
Thomas A. Schmitz (Bonn)
Jan 30 3:30pm 290 Paccar Hall
Homer and Archaeology
Alexander Mazarakis Ainian (Thessaly)
Jan 15 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall


Title Date Time Location
Setting and Sense in Sophocles' and Euripides' Electras
Hanna Roisman (Colby)
Dec 8 3:30pm Smith 304
The choric con-sociality of nonhuman life: Schiller, Hölderlin, and the place of Nature in Hellenistic poetry
Mark Payne (Chicago)
Dec 5 3:30pm Paccar 293
Penelope and the Origins of Greek Art
Elizabeth Wayland Barber (Occidental College)
Nov 6 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Imperial Landscapes: Poetry, Demography, History, Geology
Joe Farrell (Pennsylvania)
Oct 2 3:30pm Smith 304
'Finding' King Philip II of Macedon, Missing Since 336 BC 
Dr. Yannis Maniatis and Laura Wynn-Antikas
May 27 7:00pm Smith 205
Family Affairs: A New Interpretation of the Porticus Octavia and Its Neighbors in Augustan Rome
Barbara Kellum (Smith College)
May 2 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Weighing In: the Priapus Painting at the House of the Vettii
Barbara Kellum (Smith College)
May 2 3:30pm 293 Paccar Hall
'Now now, quick quick!' Cursing and magic in late-antique Antioch
Alexander Hollmann (UW Classics)
Apr 8 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Plutarch and the Character of History
John Marincola (Florida State)
Mar 7 3:30pm 290 Paccar Hall
Marvell's Latin and Wordsworth's Greek:  literature and literalism in the classical tradition
Stephen E. Hinds (UW Classics)
Feb 25 7:00pm 110 Kane Hall
Masculinity and Social Relationships in Pompeii’s Brothel
Sarah Levin-Richardson (University of San Diego)
Feb 10 3:30pm Dempsey 024
Fleshing out the Remains: The Local and Regional Context of Roman Republican Sacrifice
Claudia Moser (Brown University)
Feb 7 3:30pm Paccar 291
The Sophist at Home: Herodes Atticus' Villa at Marathon and its Egyptian Sanctuary
Lindsey Mazurek (Duke University)
Jan 31 3:30pm Paccar 291
Sympathy: The Early Life of An Idea
Brooke Holmes (Princeton)
Jan 24 3:30pm 264 Savery


Title Date Time Location
Youth and Rejuvenation in Tacitus' Agricola and Dialogus
Dylan Sailor (UC Berkeley)
Nov 22 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
The Garden of Flora: New Discoveries at the Roman Seaside Villas of Stabiae Near Pompeii
Thomas Howe (Southwestern University)
Nov 8 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Ancient Roman Slavery and American History
Sandra Joshel (UW History)
Oct 23 7:00pm Kane Hall 130
Prof. Blondell to present at GeekGirlCon 2013
Ruby Blondell (UW Classics)
Oct 19 10:00am The Conference Center in Downtown Seattle
Brooke Holmes (Princeton)
Jun 7 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
University Lecture Series 2013: Jews, Greeks, And Romans in The Ancient World: From Marginalization to Multiculturalism
Prof. Sarah Stroup (UW Classics)
Apr 10 to Apr 24 7:00pm Temple Beth Am
The Borghese Mosaics, Its Gladiators, and Late Roman Spectacles of Death (Lecture sponsored by UW Art History)
Anne McClanan (Portland State)
Mar 4 4:00pm Art 317
The Universal Polytheism: Interpretatio Graeco-Romana
Robert Parker (New College, Oxford)
Feb 22 3:30pm 105 Smith Hall
The Roman World Seen Through Portable Sundials
Richard Talbert (Chapel Hill)
Feb 7 4:00pm 304 Smith Hall


Title Date Time Location
Moral Concerns in the Reception of Roman Poetry in China
Yongyi Li (Chongqinq University)
Nov 30 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
Writing Greek Amulets in Roman Imperial Times
Christopher Faraone (Chicago)
Nov 2 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
Why do we know Plato: Byzantium and the Classics
Dimitris Tsougarakis (Ionian University, Corfu; Onassis Foundation)
Oct 12 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
Cultural Poetics and Ekphrasis: Shield-Portraits and Shield Description in Imperial Epic
Riemer Faber (Waterloo)
May 18 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
Who, Sappho?
Alex Purves (UCLA)
Apr 27 3:30pm 190 Paccar Hall
The Study of Roman Art: Current Developments and Future Prospects
Christopher Hallett (UC Berkeley)
Feb 23 3:30pm Thomson 125
Ambiguous Legacies: The Causa Curiana as mise en abyme in Cicero's Brutus
John Dugan (SUNY Buffalo)
Feb 10 3:30pm Paccar 290


Title Date Time Location
What did an Athenian rhetor do?
David Mirhady (Simon Fraser)
Oct 28 3:30pm Denny 216