Title Date Time Location
Tamara Chin (Comparative Literature, Brown University)
Nov 17 tba
Was Virgil Reading the Bible? Original Sin and an Astonishing Acrostic in the Orpheus and Eurydice
Julia Dyson Hejduk (Baylor University)
Oct 6 tba
Conceptualizing premodernities: What, Why, Who, How?
Wiebke Denecke, East Asian Literatures & Comparative Literature, Boston University
May 5 3:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities CMU 226
“And they made a pact between themselves”: Female Financial Relationships in Roman Pompeii
Kristina Milnor (Barnard)
May 4 3:30pm Smith 105
The Dragon and the Pearl: Late Antique Christian Renditions of an Eurasian Motif
Joel Walker, UW Department of History
Apr 11 4:00pm CMU 202
Why Hannah Arendt reads the Romans
Joy Connolly (CUNY Graduate Center)
Apr 7 3:30pm Paccar 295
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Creativity in the Vase-Painting of Euphronios
Guy Hedreen (Williams College) -- 2016-17 Ridgway Lecture
Mar 3 7:30pm CMU (Communications) 120
Materialist Theories of Perception, Belief in Gods, and the Question of Centaurs in Lucretius and Art
Guy Hedreen (Williams College)
Mar 2 4:00pm 291 Paccar Hall
Family History in Augustan Rome
Josiah Osgood (Georgetown)
Feb 24 3:30pm 295 Paccar Hall
De Arte Gladiatoria: Recovering Gladiatorial Tactics from Artistic Sources
Steven L. Tuck (Miami University)
Feb 11 1:00pm University of Puget Sound, Tahoma Room (Thomas Hall)
Virgil's Geopoetics
Alessandro Barchiesi (NYU) -- John B. and Mary K. McDiarmid Lecture
Feb 3 3:30pm Paccar 295


Title Date Time Location
On the Trail of Ancient Greeks and Romans in Plymouth Plantation
David Lupher (Whitman College)
Oct 8 1:00pm University of Puget Sound Campus, Thomas Hall, Tahoma Room
Creativity, Art and Scholarship: the research and writing of The Moor's Account
Dr. Laila Lalami
May 7 2:00pm Husky Union Building, Room 250, UW Seattle Campus
Problems and Pleasures in [Tibullus] 3
Stephen Heyworth, Professor of Latin, Bowra Fellow & Tutor in Classics, Wadham College, Oxford
Apr 8 3:30pm Smith 105
Metamorphosis and mutability in late antique epic
Philip Hardie, Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College, and Honorary Professor of Latin, University of Cambridge
Mar 28 5:00pm Condon Hall 109
Warfare in Ancient Persia, 550-330 BC (2015-16 Ridgway Lecture)
John Lee (Santa Barbara)
Mar 10 7:00pm 109 Wyatt Hall, University of Puget Sound
Thetis in Trojan Myth
Menelaos Christopoulos, University of Patras, Greece
Mar 4 3:30pm Condon Hall 309
Aspects of Greek Myth in European Opera
Menelaos Christopoulos, University of Patras, Greece
Mar 2 3:30pm Dempsey Hall 104
'Sapphic Stanzas: How do we read the rhythm?'
Yopie Prins (Michigan)
Mar 1 3:30pm HUB 214
'Sex and Other Things Sell: Athenian Potters and their Foreign Consumers'
Kathleen Lynch (Cincinnati)
Feb 6 1:00pm Tahoma Room in Commencement Hall, University of Puget Sound
A rethinking of Sappho in the light of the newest fragments
Gregory Nagy (Harvard)
Jan 12 3:30pm Condon Hall 109


Title Date Time Location
Constructing Memory in Augustan Italy
Eric Orlin (Univ. of Puget Sound)
Dec 3 7:30pm Communications (CMU) 120
“Orpheus Crosses the Atlantic: Native Americans Writing Latin in the Colonial Period”
Craig Williams (Illinois)
Nov 13 3:30pm Smith 102
'Shaping Audience Perceptions through Deictic Patterns: Aeschylus' Persians'
Nancy Felson (Georgia)
Oct 27 12:30pm Condon 309
''The Strangeness and Beauty of Cypriot Art"
William Childs (Princeton)
Oct 23 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Reconstructing Dance in the Stone Age?  Observations on the Comparative Method 
Elizabeth Barber (Occidental College)
Oct 9 3:30pm 106 Parrington
Coming of Age at Thermon: Marriage and Its Discontents on the Metopes of Temple C
Kathryn Topper (UW Classics)
May 19 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
The Psalms and Homer: Late Antique Classicizing Poetry and Christian Exegesis
Andrew Faulkner (Waterloo)
May 8 3:30pm 290 Paccar Hall
Wondering About, and Wondering At, Metamorphosis in Ancient Myth
Sarah Iles Johnston (Ohio State)
Apr 10 3:30pm Paccar 293
'Gladiators and Spectacular Violence in Ancient Rome'
Sarah C. Stroup (UW Classics)
Mar 15 12:30pm Seattle Public Central Library, Level 1, Microsoft Auditorium
 Horace, Lucan, and the Beginnings of the Eighteenth-Century Gothic
James Uden (Boston University)
Feb 26 12:30pm 209 Denny Hall
Pyrenaean Mountains and Deep-Valleyed Alps. Geography and Empire in the Garland of Philip
Thomas A. Schmitz (Bonn)
Jan 30 3:30pm 290 Paccar Hall
Homer and Archaeology
Alexander Mazarakis Ainian (Thessaly)
Jan 15 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall


Title Date Time Location
Setting and Sense in Sophocles' and Euripides' Electras
Hanna Roisman (Colby)
Dec 8 3:30pm Smith 304
The choric con-sociality of nonhuman life: Schiller, Hölderlin, and the place of Nature in Hellenistic poetry
Mark Payne (Chicago)
Dec 5 3:30pm Paccar 293
Penelope and the Origins of Greek Art
Elizabeth Wayland Barber (Occidental College)
Nov 6 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Imperial Landscapes: Poetry, Demography, History, Geology
Joe Farrell (Pennsylvania)
Oct 2 3:30pm Smith 304
'Finding' King Philip II of Macedon, Missing Since 336 BC 
Dr. Yannis Maniatis and Laura Wynn-Antikas
May 27 7:00pm Smith 205
Family Affairs: A New Interpretation of the Porticus Octavia and Its Neighbors in Augustan Rome
Barbara Kellum (Smith College)
May 2 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Weighing In: the Priapus Painting at the House of the Vettii
Barbara Kellum (Smith College)
May 2 3:30pm 293 Paccar Hall
'Now now, quick quick!' Cursing and magic in late-antique Antioch
Alexander Hollmann (UW Classics)
Apr 8 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Plutarch and the Character of History
John Marincola (Florida State)
Mar 7 3:30pm 290 Paccar Hall
Marvell's Latin and Wordsworth's Greek:  literature and literalism in the classical tradition
Stephen E. Hinds (UW Classics)
Feb 25 7:00pm 110 Kane Hall
Masculinity and Social Relationships in Pompeii’s Brothel
Sarah Levin-Richardson (University of San Diego)
Feb 10 3:30pm Dempsey 024
Fleshing out the Remains: The Local and Regional Context of Roman Republican Sacrifice
Claudia Moser (Brown University)
Feb 7 3:30pm Paccar 291
The Sophist at Home: Herodes Atticus' Villa at Marathon and its Egyptian Sanctuary
Lindsey Mazurek (Duke University)
Jan 31 3:30pm Paccar 291
Sympathy: The Early Life of An Idea
Brooke Holmes (Princeton)
Jan 24 3:30pm 264 Savery


Title Date Time Location
Youth and Rejuvenation in Tacitus' Agricola and Dialogus
Dylan Sailor (UC Berkeley)
Nov 22 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
The Garden of Flora: New Discoveries at the Roman Seaside Villas of Stabiae Near Pompeii
Thomas Howe (Southwestern University)
Nov 8 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Ancient Roman Slavery and American History
Sandra Joshel (UW History)
Oct 23 7:00pm Kane Hall 130
Prof. Blondell to present at GeekGirlCon 2013
Ruby Blondell (UW Classics)
Oct 19 10:00am The Conference Center in Downtown Seattle
Brooke Holmes (Princeton)
Jun 7 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
University Lecture Series 2013: Jews, Greeks, And Romans in The Ancient World: From Marginalization to Multiculturalism
Prof. Sarah Stroup (UW Classics)
Apr 10 to Apr 24 7:00pm Temple Beth Am
The Borghese Mosaics, Its Gladiators, and Late Roman Spectacles of Death (Lecture sponsored by UW Art History)
Anne McClanan (Portland State)
Mar 4 4:00pm Art 317
The Universal Polytheism: Interpretatio Graeco-Romana
Robert Parker (New College, Oxford)
Feb 22 3:30pm 105 Smith Hall
The Roman World Seen Through Portable Sundials
Richard Talbert (Chapel Hill)
Feb 7 4:00pm 304 Smith Hall


Title Date Time Location
Moral Concerns in the Reception of Roman Poetry in China
Yongyi Li (Chongqinq University)
Nov 30 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
Writing Greek Amulets in Roman Imperial Times
Christopher Faraone (Chicago)
Nov 2 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
Why do we know Plato: Byzantium and the Classics
Dimitris Tsougarakis (Ionian University, Corfu; Onassis Foundation)
Oct 12 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
Cultural Poetics and Ekphrasis: Shield-Portraits and Shield Description in Imperial Epic
Riemer Faber (Waterloo)
May 18 3:30pm 216 Denny Hall
Who, Sappho?
Alex Purves (UCLA)
Apr 27 3:30pm 190 Paccar Hall
The Study of Roman Art: Current Developments and Future Prospects
Christopher Hallett (UC Berkeley)
Feb 23 3:30pm Thomson 125
Ambiguous Legacies: The Causa Curiana as mise en abyme in Cicero's Brutus
John Dugan (SUNY Buffalo)
Feb 10 3:30pm Paccar 290


Title Date Time Location
What did an Athenian rhetor do?
David Mirhady (Simon Fraser)
Oct 28 3:30pm Denny 216