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Programs & Courses

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Classics offers four majors (Classics, Classical Studies, Latin, Greek), four minors (Classical Studies, Latin, Greek, Classics and Ancient History), and an honors program for majors.  See Undergraduate Programs for complete details.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Classics offers three master degrees (Classics, Greek, Latin), one doctoral degree (Classics), and participates in two joint doctoral programs (Classics and Ancient Philosophy, Theory and Criticism).  See Graduate Programs for complete details, including application procedures and financial support options.


Each term we offer courses on Classical archaeology, Classical literature and culture, Greek, and Latin.  See Courses for a detailed list of present, past, and future offerings and the current year overview chart to see our planned offerings at a glance.

Summer Study

The University of Washington is one of the few institutions in the West where basic first-year Greek and Latin are available in one Summer Quarter. We also offer summer courses on language and literature that require no previous study of Greek or Latin.  See Summer Study to learn more.

Non-Degree Study