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Teaching Rome, the [In]Visible City (The inaugural Daniel P. Harmon Visiting Lecture)

Joseph Farrell (University of Pennsylvania)
joe farrell
Friday, May 10, 2024 - 3:30pm
Denny 112 and by Zoom

For the inaugural lecture of a series in honor of Daniel P. Harmon, Prof. Farrell will offer some reflections on teaching Rome, an important element of Dan's career and of the UW Classics program. The sum of these reflections will be less a guided tour of the physical city than a passeggiata through the imaginary city and an eclectic few of the most fascinating reactions to it in various media. Most of these will be related to his experience in teaching a course, Visions of Rome in Art, Literature, and Cinema, since 2007; some will stem from research projects of his own, some of them already realized, others aspirational.

Prof. Farrell is Professor of Classical Studies and Mark K. and Esther W. Watkins Professor in the Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania. He has authored and edited or co-edited many books, including, most recently, Juno's Aeneid: A Battle for Heroic Identity and Ovid, Death and Transfiguration (ed. with J. F. Miller, D. P. Nelis, and A. Schiesaro).

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