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Triple-header: Sarah Brucia Breitenfeld, Edgar Adrián García, Sophie Emilia Seidler

Tea-time Colloquium, featuring UW graduate students
Three-headed Cerberus: early modern furniture ornament
Friday, December 6, 2019 - 2:30pm
Denny 257 (Meg Greenfield Room)
SPEAKER 1: Sarah Brucia Breitenfeld
PAPER 1: “‘May the Thief Become as Liquid as Water’: Persuasion and Power in a Curse Tablet from Roman Bath”
SPEAKER 2: Edgar Adrián García
PAPER 2: Serta Mihi Phyllis LegeretEpigrammatic Echoes in Vergil’s Eclogues
SPEAKER 3: Sophie Emilia Seidler
PAPER 3: Proserpina’s Pomegranate and Ceres’ Anorexic Anger: Food, Sexuality, and Denial in Ovid’s Account of Ceres and Proserpina
One of a series of informal Teatime Colloquia occasionally held in the Department of Classics, a later afternoon variation on our traditional Lunchtime Colloquium format.  With three short papers and discussion after each, the event is expected to run about 120 minutes.