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Related Faculty

Name Title Degree / Fields
Scott Noegel Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization and Adjunct Professor of Classics Ph.D. (Cornell); Levantine, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian languages, culture, and history; Curriculum Vitae
Valeria Riedemann Lorca Affiliate Instructor in Art History, Anthropology, Visual Communication, and Popular Culture D.Phil. (University of Oxford); Archaeology and Art of Ancient Greece and Pre-Roman Italy (Apulia and Etruria)
Jean Roberts Professor of Philosophy Ph.D. (Pittsburgh); Ancient philosophy
Joel T. Walker Associate Professor of History, Adjunct Associate Professor of Classics  Ph.D. (Princeton); Late antiquity, Sasanian empire, archaeology of the late Roman Empire
Cass Weller Associate Professor of Philosophy Ph.D. (Pittsburgh); cognition and practical reason in Plato and Aristotle
Michael A. Williams Professor of Comparative Religion Ph.D. (Harvard); Koine Greek texts
S. Marc Cohen  Professor Emeritus of Philosophy  Ph.D. (Cornell); Ancient philosophy; philosophy of mind 
Sandra R. Joshel Professor Emerita of History Ph.D. (Rutgers); history of the late Republic and early Empire; Roman social history; Roman slavery
Anna Kartsonis Professor Emerita of Art History  Ph.D.(NYU, Institute of Fine Arts); medieval and Byzantine art history 
David Keyt  Professor Emeritus of Philosophy  Ph.D. (Cornell); Ancient and contemporary philosophy
Carol G. Thomas Professor Emerita of History Ph.D. (Northwestern); Greek history