Ph.D. Requirements

For Ph.D. in Classics:

  1. A minimum of three academic years of graduate study, of which at least two must be at the University of Washington and one, in full-time residence at the University for three out of four consecutive quarters.
  2. Ninety credits in courses approved by the Department as applicable toward an advanced degree. At least half of these credits (which include dissertation credits) must be at the 500-level or above.
  3. Competence in reading German and French or German and Italian, demonstrated by passing Departmental examinations.
  4. Graduate courses (or the equivalent) in Greek and Latin composition.
  5. The Classics Proseminar (or equivalent), CLAS 525.
  6. Written preliminary examinations:
    1. Translation exams on Greek and Latin literature. Reading lists in each language guide the student’s preparation for these exams.
    2. A written examination on a special field of Classical studies, e.g. a period of Greek or Roman history, Greek or Latin epigraphy, Athenian or Roman topography, Greek or Roman religion, Classical linguistics, metrics, or  palaeography, an area of intellectual history, a literary theme or cultural institution. This examination must be taken before the doctoral orals but will preferably be taken earlier in the student’s graduate program.
    3. Written examinations on two special authors, one Greek and one Latin. Such examinations assume a deep familiarity with the text, a knowledge of the textual history, and the important secondary works and trends in scholarship. A special author examination may be taken only after the translation examination in that language has been passed.
  7. An oral general examination on Greek and Roman history, literature, philosophy and related subjects. This examination may be taken only after completion of requirements 2-6; upon passing it, the student is admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D.
  8. A dissertation approved by the student’s Supervisory Committee, and an oral examination on the dissertation.
  9. Fulfillment of all Graduate School requirements (see the University’s General Catalog).

Graduate students are expected to have teaching experience before completing their terminal degrees.