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Senior Essay

The Senior Essay (CLAS 495) is required of all majors in the Department of Classics except for those writing an Honors Thesis.  The minimum requirement is two credits of CLAS 495, and the maximum number of credits allowed is generally three.  The Senior Essay will usually be written in the last year of study and usually in conjunction with another course (e.g. an upper-division Latin or Greek course or other course approved towards the degree).  The Senior Essay will generally be written for the instructor of the course to which it is attached and may, in certain cases, simply consist of a longer or fuller paper than that assigned for a course. The following guidelines will give you an idea of the nature of the requirement.

1. For each credit of CLAS 495, 7 to 10 pages of finished text (excluding bibliography, contents, title page, etc.) is the normal minimum.

2. Papers should be typed double-spaced, adhere to the conventions of academic writing, and conform to the standard professional stylesheet approved by the Society for Classical Studies and found here (copies are also available in the Department of Classics office):

In accordance with this stylesheet, the paper should also be accompanied by a short abstract no more than 100 words in length.

3. The paper is to undergo at least one revision until it reaches a form acceptable to the instructor involved. The first full draft of the paper is due by Monday of the 8th week of class. The final version is due the last day of class.

4. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss potential topics for the paper with the appropriate faculty member PRIOR to the quarter in which the paper will be written.  Topics for the paper should, in any case, be finalized in consultation with the instructor involved as soon as is feasible but no later than the end of the second week of classes.  A general description of the project should be provided on the independent study form (available in the departmental office), and must be approved by both the instructor and the chair.  Topics should require students to draw insights from, and make connections with other related courses they have taken. The scope of the topic should require the application of the student’s accumulated scholarship and demonstrate proficiency in research appropriate to an advanced undergraduate.

5. Papers will be evaluated on the basis of form, content, organization and style.

Registration procedures for CLAS 495 will be the same as for independent studies.  Once the independent study form (available in the departmental office) has been filled out, submitted to the Undergraduate Adviser, and approved by both the instructor and the chair, the office will issue an add code.  This should happen no later than the second week of the quarter, and preferably earlier.

by Classics Faculty June 5, 2012