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Our students explore the languages, literatures, and cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Through their studies, they uncover connections to their own experiences of the world, helping them build a deep, informed perspective on current affairs. In addition, they master skills including innovative analysis, creative and collaborative problem solving, and outstanding, persuasive communication. Alumni pursue careers in education, law, journalism, business and entrepreneurship, health sciences, and other fields.

All of our majors provide opportunities for interactive language classes, specialized courses on topics ranging from STEM in the ancient world to gender and sexuality, and participation in study abroad programs. Students see the lasting influence of these complex civilizations and graduate prepared to make a difference in contemporary society.

Majors can request access to the Meg Greenfield Room, Denny 257, the Department's seminar room. To request access, please write to

We offer four undergraduate majors, described below:

B.A. in Classics

Students who major in Classics study and analyze the languages, literature, and cultures of both the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans. They investigate these civilizations’ cultural, intellectual, professional, and civic lives and develop advanced proficiency in Greek and Latin. The Classics major is often a mark of distinction when applying for admission to professional school.

Classics Major

B.A. in Greek

In this major students focus on the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece, which enriches their perspective on issues that are still under debate in our present day. The study of ancient Greek fosters robust historical perspectives and develops strong analytical and communication skills that serve students well in a variety of careers. 

Greek Major Greek Minor Hellenic Studies Minor

B.A. in Latin

Students who earn a B.A. in Latin investigate the literature and culture of ancient Rome. They develop a new perspective on issues and challenges that humanity has grappled with for centuries. The study of Latin also develops strong analytical and communication skills that serve students well in a variety of careers. 

Latin Major Latin Minor 

B.A. in Classical Studies

This major opens the door to exploring the literature, history, art, archaeology and philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Romans, primarily through English translations. Some study of Greek or Latin is required. Students with no previous exposure to ancient Greek or Latin can complete the Classical Studies major in two years. Students have often combined this major with another major, such as English, History, or Art History and even with a non-humanities major such as computer studies, biochemistry, or economics.

Classical Studies Major Classical Studies Minor Classics & Ancient History Minor


Department of Classics undergraduate advising is now served by the Humanities Academic Services Center. If you are looking to declare a major, need advice about courses, or simply want to learn more about studying Classics, please visit the Humanities Academic Services Center to get started.