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Undergraduate Programs

What is Classics?

Classics is the study of the languages and cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose civilizations shape our present cultural, intellectual, professional, and civic lives. Our students develop proficiency in the languages, literatures and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Through their studies, they uncover connections to their own experiences of the world, helping them build a deep, informed perspective on current affairs. In addition, they master skills including innovative analysis, creative and collaborative problem solving, and outstanding, persuasive communication. Alumni pursue careers in education, law, journalism, business and entrepreneurship, health sciences, and other fields.

Why study Classics with us?

  • Meet your community: Our majors are inquisitive, active, and engaged. They value our inclusive atmosphere, which enables them to connect with professors and each other.
  • Expand your understanding: Stories, poems, documents, and artifacts from the ancient Greek and Roman world still shape how we interpret the human experience. When you read the language, you’ll see new depths and applications in these important texts.
  • Uncover what’s unspoken: Millennia ago, the civilizations we study generated assumptions and practices that still shape diverse fields. If you want to change the world, we’ll help you see where to start.
  • Define your direction: Our accessible faculty are dedicated teachers and mentors. When you find your passion, they can show you how to pursue it, in Classics and beyond.
  • Study with support: In addition to a welcoming community and approachable faculty, our department offers unique scholarship opportunities to help you reach your goals on campus and through study abroad.

What programs do we offer for undergraduates?

  • Majors: Classical Studies, Classics, Greek, Latin
  • Minors: Classical Studies, Greek, Latin, Classics & Ancient History, Hellenic Studies
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid: Our department offers unique options that help make paying for college as affordable as possible, in addition to resources from the University.
  • Resources & Opportunities: Learn about opportunities to engage with Classics on campus, honors program, study abroad, and more.
  • Career Preparation: Using their skills as outstanding communicators and critical thinkers, our alumni succeed in diverse career paths.

How do you major in Classics, Greek, Latin, or Classical Studies?

The Classics, Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies majors are open. Students in good academic standing may declare the major at any time by meeting with the undergraduate adviser. To declare a major, please visit the Humanities Academic Services Center to get started, or schedule an appointment with a Humanities Adviser hereLearn more about applying to the university as an incoming first-year student, transfer student, or postbaccalaureate student.

How do you meet with a Classics adviser?

The Classics Department adviser is ready to help you if you have any further questions. They are always happy to discuss your interests, needs, plans, and options. Contact the adviser for an appointment. The Classics Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Prof. Catherine Connors, is also available for consultation about coursework in the department or about the Senior Essay.

SP  23 office hours Mon 1-2, Tues 3-4, or please email to make an appointment. You can come to my office in Den 262 B or use this zoom link: