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student made wax tablet ancient writing system
Over the past year, ancient Greek and Roman technology has become a visible presence in Classics' Denny Hall offices. Professor Sarah Stroup has been exploring STEM in Antiquity in Classics 314, her popular new course for undergraduates. Students from across the university study the ancient practioners of science and the ancient history of technological innovation across the fields of science, engineering, technology, mathematics and medicine. In addition, over the course of the term students work in teams in the CoMotion MakerSpace in UW's... Read more
drawing of magical inscription with crocodile
Alex Hollmann spent Autumn Quarter 2016 as an NEH Fellow at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem where with Associate Fellow Robert Daniel of the University of Cologne he worked on deciphering a fascinating collection of curse tablets from Caesarea in northern Israel.  These tablets are thin sheets of lead of inscribed in Ancient Greek. The decipherment is part of the Magica Levantina Project affiliated with the University of Cologne Center for eHumanities. Magica Levantina uses innovative techniques of... Read more
Eunice Kim, Adriana Vazquez, Matthew Gorey
Matthew Gorey, Eunice Kim, and Adriana Vazquez completed their PhDs in 2017.  In Atomism in the Aeneid: Physics, Politicas and Cosmological Disorder, Matthew Gorey combines philosophical and literary studies in his examination of the ways that Virgil responds to and transforms Epicurean ideas about a physical world made of atoms: "Virgil’s appropriation of Lucretian material conflates poetic, political, and cosmic narratives and blurs the boundaries between their respective modes of discourse," says Gorey. He is heading off to a teaching appointment at Bucknell University. In  ... Read more
Students pose in front of the Roman colosseum
"today has been one of many incredible days"  "something I am eternally grateful for" "embraced by the city's rich past" " suddenly the mental map of Pompeii that I’d formed in a class last year came to life"  These words made their way back to us from students who had the opportunity to participate in the spring 2017 quarter-long Rome Program. While in years past most participants have been majors in the Department with some experience in Latin and/or Greek, the program is open to all students and now attracts individuals from... Read more
We are delighted to announce that the Roseanna Wabel McDermott Endowed Fund for Study Abroad will be making awards to students of Classics pursuing study abroad. The Roseanna Wabel McDermott Endowed Fund for Study Abroad was established by Katherine E. McDermott, granddaughter of Roseanna. The intent of the fund is to provide financial assistance to students to make study abroad opportunities more accessible. The fund will honor and remember Roseanna, while enabling students to grow personally and educationally through the life changing experiences of study abroad. The aim of the fund is to... Read more
scs logo
The UW Classics Department (including current and former students, as well as faculty) will be well represented at the annual joint conference of the Society for Classical Studies and the Archaeological Institute of America (Boston, January 2018). Check out the following talks, panels, and workshops!   Friday, January 5 1.45-4.45pm AIA Session 3C: Colloquium / Roman Villas and their Afterlife in Sicily and Malta Sarah Stroup, “‘Where I Like Myself Most’: The Roman Villa in the Roman Imagination”   Friday, January 5 1.45-4.45pm SCS Session 25: Slavery and Sexuality in Antiquity Organized by... Read more
2017 PhD grads
Congratulations to our very successful PhD students! Matthew Gorey (PhD '17) will be a Lecturer at Bucknell University this fall; Eunice Kim (PhD '17) is beginning a two-year Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship at Gonzaga University; and Adriana Vazquez (PhD '17) will be an Adjunct Assistant Professor at UCLA! Congrats also to the following recent PhDs on their new jobs! Josh Hartman (PhD ’16), Visiting Assistant Professor, Kalamazoo College Bridget Langley (PhD ’16), Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati Brandon Jones (PhD ’15), Visiting Assistant Professor, Millsaps College... Read more
students approach Denny Hall
Sarah Stroup helped organize and host experiences at UW as part of the 4th Annual Urban Culture Trip for eighth and ninth grade students at the Paschal Sherman Indian School on the Colville Reservation. See more at, who write: "The day on the UW campus was the brainchild of UW Classics professor Sarah Culpepper Stroup, who met Paschal Sherman Indian School science... Read more
The Department of Classics is very pleased to announce the 2017-2018 Undergraduate Scholarship Competition. Thanks to the generosity of many far-sighted and thoughtful friends of the Department and its students, there are three categories of award:  Jim Greenfield Academic year scholarships; Friends of Classics Summer language study scholarships; Classics Students Travel Endowment Awards to support study and travel during 2017-2018.  Applications, requiring a letter of 300-500 words addressed to Prof. Catherine Connors, Chair, describing how... Read more
Kaitlyn Boulding portrait, photo credit Winnipeg Free Press
Kaitlyn Boulding's literary work has been honored with an Emerging Artist Award by the Nova Scotia Talent Trust. Kaitlyn, who entered the UW graduate program in Classics in 2016, is a published poet, some of whose work can be enjoyed here and here. Congratulations Kaitlyn!