Annual Faculty Lecture on Classical Culture

The Annual Faculty Lecture, created in 1998, is co-sponsored by the Puget Sound (formerly Seattle) Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America and the UW Department of Classics. This is the essential formula for the lecture: “The Annual Lecture on Classical Culture is offered by the Puget Sound AIA in partnership with the UW Department of Classics.  The hope is that over future years a broad spectrum of local faculty research on the cultures of the Greco-Roman world will be presented, with speakers from Classics or related departments, and the topic sometimes but not always strictly archaeological.” 

Past Annual Faculty Lecturers

Year Speaker Title
2023 Stephanie Selover (UW MELC) Excavating War: Violence, Power and Urbanism in Prehistoric Anatolia (annual AIA Faculty Lecture)
2022 Randall Souza (Seattle University) "Mixed multitudes": displacement and belonging in ancient Sicily (Annual AIA Faculty Lecture)
2021 Deborah Kamen (UW Classics) Insults in Classical Athens (annual AIA Faculty Lecture)
2019 Aislinn Melchior (University of Puget Sound) A Romantic Past:  What does a white muslin gown have to do with Pompeii?
2018 Sarah Levin-Richardson (UW Classics) Brothels and Prostitution at Pompeii
2016 David Lupher (Whitman College) On the Trail of Ancient Greeks and Romans in Plymouth Plantation
2015 Eric Orlin (Univ. of Puget Sound) Constructing Memory in Augustan Italy
2015 Kathryn Topper (UW Classics) Coming of Age at Thermon: Marriage and Its Discontents on the Metopes of Temple C
2014 Alexander Hollmann (UW Classics) 'Now now, quick quick!' Cursing and magic in late-antique Antioch
2013 Olga Levaniouk (UW Classics) "Truly I want to die:" Brides in Ancient Greece and Modern Russia 
2012 Margaret Laird (UW Art History) The Collegio degli Augustali: An Ancient Elks Lodge at Herculaneum
2011 Sandra S. Joshel (UW History) Roman Slaves, the House, and the City: Questions of Control and Movement
2010 Catherine Connors (UW Classics) Seven Brides and Sobbin' Women: Romulus, Plutarch, and Stephen Vincent Benét
2009 Ruby Blondell (UW Classics) Helen of Troy: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful
2008 James J. Clauss (UW Classics) Classical Mythology and Traditional Folktales in Film
2007 Stephen Hinds (UW Classics) Pictures of a Poet in Exile: Ovid on the Black Sea AD 8-2008
2006 Carol Thomas (UW History) Alexander in His World
2005 Alain Gowing (UW Classics) Of Texts and Tombs: The Archaeology of Roman Memory
2004 Ily Nagy (University of Puget Sound) Demons of the Etruscan Underworld
2003 Lawrence Bliquez (UW Classics) Death and Burial among the Greeks and Romans: Attitudes and Practices
2002 Daniel Harmon (UW Classics) Isis Sanctuaries in Rome and Pompeii
2001 Paul Scotton (UW Classics) The Corinth of Paul: Recent Investigations and Findings
2000 Joel Walker (UW History) In Search of St. Theodore: History and Archaeology of Early Byzantine Anatolia