Graduate Courses

The following is a list of graduate courses that have been offered since 2009. 

Amatory Ovid (Hinds)
Ancient Greek Magic (Hollmann)
Apollonius (Clauss)
Approaches to Latin Inscriptions and Graffiti (Levin-Richardson)
Aristophanes (Connors)
Athenian Citizenship (Kamen)
Aulus Gellius (Stroup)
Bad Women (Blondell)
The Body in Greek Art (Topper)
Callimachus (Clauss)
Catullus (Stroup)
Champagne Epic [Ovid, Statius, Claudian] (Hinds)
Cicero de Divinatione (Stroup)
Demosthenes [Dem. 18, [Dem.] 59] (Kamen)
Didactic Poetry in Greek and Latin Literature (Clauss)
Disiecta Membra Poetarum: Reading Fragmentary Hellenistic and Roman Poets (Clauss)
Early Roman Epic (Clauss)
Epic Fragments (Levaniouk)
Greek and Roman New Comedy (Clauss)
Greek Epigraphy (Kamen)
Greek Prose Composition (Hollmann)
Greek Sanctuaries and the Archaeology of Religion (Topper)
Greek Vase Painting (Topper)
Helen of Troy (Blondell)
Herodotus (Hollmann)
Historical Grammar of Greek and Latin (Levaniouk)
Homer Iliad (Levaniouk)
Homer Odyssey (Levaniouk)
Horace Odes (Hinds)
Invective in Attic Oratory (Kamen)
Latin Prose Composition (Gowing)
Lucan (Hinds)
Lucian (Stroup)
Lysias and Demosthenes [Lys. 1, 12; [Dem.] 59; Dem. 1 and 2] (Kamen)
The Oresteia (Blondell)
Ovid Metamorphoses (Hinds)
Ovid on Separation and Sadness (Hinds)
Pindar (Levaniouk)
Plato Republic (Blondell)
Poems in the Classical Tradition (Hinds)
Roman Satiric Prose and Verse (Connors)
Roman Comedy (Connors)
Sallust (Gowing)
Schooling the Emperor: Quintilian, Pliny, and Tacitus (Gowing)
Second to One: Tiberius and Tiberian Culture (Gowing)
Some Versions of Pastoral (Hinds)
Sophocles’ Theban Plays (Blondell)
Tacitus’ Minor Works (Gowing)
Theocritus and Vergil (Clauss)
Varro de Rebus Rusticis (Stroup)
Vergil Aeneid (Clauss)
Vision and Viewership in Roman Culture (Levin-Richardson)
Word and Image in the Study of Classical Art (Topper) 
‘You Must Remember This’: History and Memory in Valerius Maximus’ Facta et Dicta Memorabilia (Gowing)
(revised 10/21/19 DK)