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Study Abroad

A study abroad program can be an excellent way to enhance and deepen your appreciation of the classical world.  The Department of Classics is committed to encouraging and supporting students who wish to participate in study abroad programs, whether they be sponsored directly by the Department of Classics or other units at the University of Washington or offered through any number of institutions and organizations.

Classics Rome: The Ancient Roman City

The Roman Colosseum

Early Fall 2024

August 19-September 13

5 credits of Roman Topography and Monuments (CLAS 465)

~$3500 program fee; scholarships available!

Apply by February 15, 2024 through UW Study Abroad (Application portal opens in Winter Quarter). Questions? Contact the Program Director, Prof. Levin-Richardson (

What better way to learn about the ancient Romans than to immerse yourself in the monuments, art, and landscapes of a city that almost a million people from Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa called home?

Tracing the development of the city over a thousand years, each day of the program will take students to new sites, from the well-known (such as the Pantheon and the Colosseum) to hidden gems (such as Rome’s ancient port of Ostia and its working-class cemetery, or the ancient curses housed in Roman bath). Not only will students leave the program with a mental map of ancient Rome emblazoned in their mind, but they’ll learn how ancient Rome mattered to its heterogeneous, cosmopolitan inhabitants.

Students will be based out of the newly renovated UW Rome Center at the  Palazzo Pio, a magnificent 17th-century building situated over the ruins of the Theater of Pompey (originally built in 55 BCE!) and overlooking one of Rome’s most picturesque piazzas, the Campo de’ Fiori. Students are provided with apartments (with kitchen facilities) in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Campo de’ Fiori
The Campo de’ Fiori

See the program brochure for more information about the program. 

2024 Classics in Rome Schedule

Other Study Abroad Options

The following is merely a partial list of programs in which our students have participated in the past and which we support.  We urge any student -- majors and non-majors alike -- who is interested in these or other programs to consult with the Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Professor Catherine Connors) or another faculty member to determine which might best suit your particular interests.  Please remember as well that the Department of Classics has substantial financial resources to enable eligible, qualified students to participate in these programs: click HERE for a list of those resources and application procedures, or feel free to contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for further information.  

1. The UW Study Abroad Office sponsors programs to Rome and other locations that provide students the opportunity to explore the history and influence of the classical world. Visit UW Study Abroad to learn more about these opportunities.

2. UW Hellenic Studies offers Study Abroad Programs (including during the summer).  Click HERE for more information.   

3. The American Academy in Rome offers a variety of programs during the summer.  The Classical Summer Program is best suited for undergraduates (deadine mid-Dec).

4. The American School of Classical Studies in Athens offers several different Summer Seminars suitable for undergraduates (deadline early Jan).  

5. The Hellenic Education & Research Center offers a large variety of programs both during the regular school year and the summer (some spring deadlines).  

6. ArchaeoSpain offers summer programs in Spain, Italy, and Greece for undergraduates interested in classical archaeology.

7. The Balkan Heritage Field School.  A variety of archaeological field schools with opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students, located primarily in the Balkans (including Macedonia).

8. San Gemini Preservation Studies.  A summer field school, now in its 21st year, that organizes lectures, research, fieldwork, workshops and field trips in the disciplines of historic preservation, restoration and conservation. It is located in Central Italy in the city of San Gemini. Applications for summer programs are usually due mid-March.  Click HERE for more information about their programs.  

Past CLASSICS programs