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Two Classics majors awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarships March 20, 2013
Professor Stephen Hinds named UW faculty Katz Distinguished Lecturer for  2013-2014 March 13, 2013
Roosevelt HS Latin teacher Nora MacDonald (BA '71, MA '86) wins prestigious national award January 26, 2013
Classics major David Jekel receives freshman President's Medal January 9, 2013
Stephen Hinds awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for University Teachers December 18, 2012
Report on the excavations at Tel Dor November 19, 2012
Devin Gleeson, Edward Nolan, and Molly Ostheller at lunch at the CHS Prof. Levaniouk reports on the work of Classics undergraduates for the Homer Multitext Project September 17, 2012
Department hosts Fulbright Scholar Professor Yongyi Li for 2012-13 August 29, 2012
Oil Jar with Paris and Helen (detail), attributed to the Painter of the Frankfort Acorn, vase-painter; and Phintias, potter. Greek, Athens, 420-400 B.C. Professor Ruby Blondell to give a talk at the Getty Villa August 27, 2012
4th-Graders Explore the Cosmos (with a little help from Classics!) July 2, 2012
Edward Franks' book on vicars in the later Roman Empire June 26, 2012
UW Honors Program named 'Best in the West' June 18, 2012
Feminism and Classics VI June 1, 2012
From Classics to Wonder Women!  A former student recounts the inspiration provided by two faculty members May 31, 2012
Professor Levaniouk reports on her work on the Kyklos project at the Center for Hellenic Studies May 22, 2012
Professor Hollmann's curse tablet goes viral May 21, 2012
Edward Nolan named Dean's Medalist May 20, 2012
News from Professor Bliquez! May 16, 2012
Dr. Patricia Clark's (PhD. '93) new book May 15, 2012
Emeritus Professor Pierre MacKay on the Seyahatname (Travel Journal) of Evliyâ Çelebi May 15, 2012
UW Department of Classics attracts attention in unexpected circles May 8, 2012
Professor Clauss accompanies UW women's basketball team on mythic tour of Scandinavia.   May 7, 2012
Professor Ruby Blondell profiled in A&S Perspectives April 9, 2012
Discovery of Gemstone at Tel Dor Field School September 30, 2009