Prof. Sarah Levin-Richardson's work featured in The Whole U: Faculty Friday

Submitted by Deborah E Kamen on

Prof. Levin-Richardson, known on campus for her courses on Roman Art & Archaeology and Pompeii and in the field of Classics for her research into ancient Roman sexuality, is the featured faculty member in this week's The Whole U: Faculty Friday. Drawing upon her roots in Political Science, Women's Studies, and Classics, Levin-Richardson's recent scholarship has sought to recover the voices of marginalized groups in antiquity, including male and female prostitutes. In her research and teaching, she draws attention to both the "harshness and the grittiness and the power dynamics" of Roman society, while at the same time finding moments of agency and resistance among the disempowered. She adds, "There’s something about the human spirit that refuses to be extinguished and that is really powerful."  Read the full story here.