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drawing of magical inscription with crocodile "Now, now; quickly, quickly": Alex Hollmann on crocodile curses from Caesarea   December 6, 2017
Eunice Kim, Adriana Vazquez, Matthew Gorey Congratulations to our 2017 PhD Graduates December 6, 2017
Students pose in front of the Roman colosseum Messages from Rome   December 6, 2017
Roseanna Wabel McDermott Endowed Fund for Study Abroad December 6, 2017
scs logo UW Classics at the SCS/AIA! December 1, 2017
2017 PhD grads Congrats to our 2017 PhDs! June 12, 2017
students approach Denny Hall Professor Stroup helps host visiting students from Paschal Sherman Indian School May 3, 2017
Applications invited for Classics Undergraduate Scholarships  April 5, 2017
Kaitlyn Boulding portrait, photo credit Winnipeg Free Press Congratulations to Kaitlyn Boulding on Emerging Artist Award April 5, 2017
ancient fresco of young man reading Recent publications by UW Classics alumni and friends April 2, 2017
portrait of Professor Stroup 'War Games': Professor Stroup speaks on ancient and modern athletics at Parent and Family Weekend  April 2, 2017
Photo portrait of Professor Kate Topper Prof. Kate Topper featured in The Whole U: Faculty Friday March 10, 2017
Sarah Levin-Richardson and Deborah Kamen Professors Kamen and Levin-Richardson win national research award January 19, 2017
cast of undergraduate theater society Medea 2017 Opening night update: Medea    Undergraduate Theater Society production opens Feb 23rd January 16, 2017
victorious youth Gods and Mortals and Adriana Vazquez in Malibu October 6, 2016
Professor Levin-Richardson's work featured in Forbes October 5, 2016
Catherine Connors (standing, third from right) with Latin teachers gathered on the UW campus, May 2016 Chair's Letter 2016 July 1, 2016
Seattle area k-12 teachers of Latin Active learning in the Latin Classroom  July 1, 2016
Classical Seminar in Rome Students 2016 Celebration of Student Achievements and Awards  July 1, 2016
Classics across campus and beyond  June 30, 2016
Olga Levaniouk and her Concise Inventory of Greek Etymologies team of Classics graduate students Faculty updates  June 30, 2016
UW Classics graduate students and recent alums at the opening reception of Feminism and Classics VII Feminism and Classics VII: Visions May 27, 2016
Feminism and Classics 7 UW hosts seventh international conference on Feminism and Classics May 19-22 May 15, 2016
images of women working, in the style of ancient Greek vases Just One Look and you'll be inspired:  Book Arts Exhibit celebrates creative connections between artists and scholars  May 13, 2016
image of Jason and the Argonauts Classics Undergraduates present their research at Annual Symposium May 13, 2016