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Opportunities for tutoring or mentoring through the UW Riverways Education Partnerships 

Submitted by Catherine M Connors on December 1, 2020 - 12:21pm

 A message from UW's Riverways Education Partnerships

Be a K-12 Educator during WIN 21 through EDUC 401!

 Seattle Public Schools started the 2020-2021 school year remotely. Initial reports show that this return to remote learning has gotten off to a rough start, with half of Seattle students not logging in to the system. This is particularly worrisome as reports indicate that COVID-19 has hit Black, Indigenous and Latinx communities far harder than others, and so many of our students are falling through the cracks in online education.

The UW Riverways Education Partnerships recruits, trains and places UW students as volunteer tutors in Seattle schools and community organizations. We are recruiting tutors for Winter quarter to support schools and community organizations and would love to have you! 

You’ll be doing remote support for educators through live online tutoring. Through Riverway’s EDUC 401 seminars, you’ll have a weekly discussion-based seminar, and then do a weekly practicum component. You can enroll for 3-5 credits.

See all the seminars available for WIN 21 here.

 Seminar Spotlights:

EDUC 401 B: COVID-19 and the Move to Online Learning Tuesdays, 10:30 AM – 11:50 AM In this seminar, we will explore how the transition to online learning has both provided new opportunities and exacerbated existing inequities in K-12 education. We will reflect on our own experiences with online learning, and think about how race, ethnicity, ability, and socioeconomic status has intersected with the rapid transition to new educational contexts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 EDUC 401 F: Introduction to Immigrant & Refugee Education Mondays, 6:00 PM – 7:20 PM. Newly arrived immigrant and refugee students are some of the most resilient learners in our education system. Despite fleeing their home country due to a plethora of reasons without the familiarity of language, support systems or societal norms they strive to be successful, both academically and holistically. This is the reality for nearly 17 million refugees around the world, including those in Seattle. Each year, America resettles more refugees than all other countries combined and receives one of the highest numbers of asylum applications in the industrialized world.

EDUC 401 A: Asian Critical Race Theory: Locating Asian Experiences in the USMondays & Thursdays, 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM.  In this seminar, we will explore Asian Critical Race Theory, focusing specifically on the formation of Asianness, how Asians are racialized, and the self-determination of Asian folx. In particular, we will examine historical and current politics associated with Asian identities in a local US context, while acknowledging the global interconnections. With this theoretical, historical, and practical foundation, we will strategize about our personal roles and responsibilities within social justice and solidarity work that strives toward liberation for our own and other communities.

Please be safe during this time! Have a great day Huskies!

- Riverways Education Partnerships

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