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Hoi Polloi Logoi: A fun Greek language learning app designed by UW alumnae

Submitted by Deborah E Kamen on October 13, 2020 - 4:08pm

Pauline Ripat (PhD ’03) and Christina Vester (PhD ’04) have just released their second app! Hoi Polloi Logoi (HPL) is the sibling to their first app, Vice Verba. Free on iOS and Play, HPL tests the recognition and creation of ancient Greek verb forms. If players answer 10 correctly, they win owl coins that can be saved up and then exchanged for an ancient Greek monster’s dating profile (with award-winning illustrations from Rick Sealock). Like Vice Verba, HPL can be played in English or French.

As of October 12, 2020, Vice Verba had been downloaded 233,130 times by players in the USA (56,673), France (23,740), Italy (22,767), Russia (17,892), and the United Kingdom (13,448). There are a good number of players from other countries too (Canada is 6th of about 25). Vice Verba is proof positive that engaging and simple tools that help with ancient Greek and Latin acquisition are desired and used. Pauline and Christina have high hopes that they will see 75,000 downloads of the ancient Greek app equivalent.

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