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Ringland Rome Prize

Applicants to the Department's annual Rome Program will be considered for the Ringland Rome Prize, and for the RIngland Rome Bursary, which are to be used to cover travel and/or tuition in connection with the Department's Classical Seminar in Rome.  While the chief criterion for the Prize is academic excellence, the Undergraduate Curriculum, Scholarships, and Awards Committee will give preference to candidates who are best able to articulate their enthusiasm and reasons for participating in the program. 

The Ringland Rome Prize and the Ringland Rome Bursary are made possible through a generous donation to the Department by Mr. Patrick Ringland, a distinguished graduate of the Department (class of 2005), Dean's Medalist, and himself a former participant in the Classical Seminar.  Patrick was an exemplary student in many ways, but he especially appreciates the value of study abroad, and of the Rome Program in particular, and knows first-hand how invaluable such an experience can be in the life of a Classics major.  Patrick went on to earn an MBA at the prestigious Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.  Having worked as an Associate at the Brattle Group, a financial consulting firm located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he returned to Seattle to take up a position as a Vice President at a Seattle-based investment banking firm.

Past Recipients of the Ringland Rome Prize


Ringland Rome Prize - Julia Beumer
Ringland Rome Bursary - Meagan White


Ringland Rome Prize -  Lee Michel
Ringland Rome Bursary - Natalie Hollenbaugh

2017: Scarlett Strauss

2016: Jamie Ellis

2015: Zoé Elise Thomas

2014: Stephanie King

2013: Kathleen Noll

2012: Edward Nolan

2011: Matthew King

2010: Anysia Dumont