Annual Teachers' Conferences



Title Date Time Location
Rescheduled for March 17,2018: Freedom in the Ancient World: 2018 Annual Conference for Teachers   Mar 17 8:30am Denny Hall 259


Title Date Time Location
UW in the High School Latin 103 Annual Subject Training
Dr. Arlene Holmes Henderson
May 14 11:15am Savery Hall, Room 139
Enacting the Past: Projects and Performances in the Classroom Feb 6 8:30am Communications 206


Title Date Time Location
UW Department of Classics Annual Conference for Teachers: Drama and Power Feb 7 8:30am 216 Denny Hall


Title Date Time Location
Annual Teachers Conference: Greco-Roman Magic and Religion Apr 26 8:30am 216 Denny Hall


Title Date Time
Annual Teachers' Conference on Classical Studies Apr 7 8:30am to 1:30pm