AIA Lectures



Title Date Time Location
AIA Puget Sound Ridgway Lecture
Brian Rose (University of Pennsylvania)
Nov 8 to Nov 9 UW (specific location TBA)
How to Spot a Roman Emperor
Mary Beard (Cambridge)
Mar 24 2:00pm University of Puget Sound (specific venue TBA)
Brothels and Prostitution at Pompeii
Sarah Levin-Richardson (UW Classics)
Jan 23 7:30pm UW campus, CMU 120


Title Date Time Location
The Late Bronze Age Eruption of Thera
Floyd McCoy (Univ. of Hawaii) (AIA Joukowsky Lecturer)
Oct 27 7:30pm CMU (Communications Building) 120
 Elite Negotiation and Consensus Building: Rewriting early Roman Imperialism
Nicola Terrenato (Michigan) (Ridgway Lecturer)
Sep 28 12:30pm Tahoma Room, Thomas Hall, University of Puget Sound
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Creativity in the Vase-Painting of Euphronios
Guy Hedreen (Williams College) -- 2016-17 Ridgway Lecture
Mar 3 7:30pm CMU (Communications) 120
De Arte Gladiatoria: Recovering Gladiatorial Tactics from Artistic Sources
Steven L. Tuck (Miami University)
Feb 11 1:00pm University of Puget Sound, Tahoma Room (Thomas Hall)


Title Date Time Location
On the Trail of Ancient Greeks and Romans in Plymouth Plantation
David Lupher (Whitman College)
Oct 8 1:00pm University of Puget Sound Campus, Thomas Hall, Tahoma Room
Warfare in Ancient Persia, 550-330 BC (2015-16 Ridgway Lecture)
John Lee (Santa Barbara)
Mar 10 7:00pm 109 Wyatt Hall, University of Puget Sound
'Sex and Other Things Sell: Athenian Potters and their Foreign Consumers'
Kathleen Lynch (Cincinnati)
Feb 6 1:00pm Tahoma Room in Commencement Hall, University of Puget Sound


Title Date Time Location
Constructing Memory in Augustan Italy
Eric Orlin (Univ. of Puget Sound)
Dec 3 7:30pm Communications (CMU) 120
''The Strangeness and Beauty of Cypriot Art"
William Childs (Princeton)
Oct 23 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Homer and Archaeology
Alexander Mazarakis Ainian (Thessaly)
Jan 15 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall


Title Date Time Location
Penelope and the Origins of Greek Art
Elizabeth Wayland Barber (Occidental College)
Nov 6 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Family Affairs: A New Interpretation of the Porticus Octavia and Its Neighbors in Augustan Rome
Barbara Kellum (Smith College)
May 2 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall


Title Date Time Location
The Garden of Flora: New Discoveries at the Roman Seaside Villas of Stabiae Near Pompeii
Thomas Howe (Southwestern University)
Nov 8 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
A Hero's Choice: The Historical Context for the Cocks and Hens Relief from Xanthos
Jennifer Tobin (Illinois at Chicago)
Apr 19 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
The Magnificent Peutinger Map: Roman Cartography at its Most Creative
Richard Talbert (Chapel Hill): 2012-13 AIA Ridgway Lecturer
Feb 8 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
"Truly I want to die:" Brides in Ancient Greece and Modern Russia 
Olga Levaniouk (UW Classics)
Jan 22 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall


Title Date Time Location
Ancient Sounds of Greece
Dr. Nikos Xanthoulis (Academy of Athens, Greece)
Nov 2 7:30pm 210 Kane Hall
Passage and Perception in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace
Bonna Wescoat (Emory)
Apr 12 7:30pm Kane 210
The Archaic Style in Sculpture in the Eyes of Ancient and Modern Viewers
Christopher Hallett (UC Berkeley)
Feb 24 7:30pm Kane 210


Title Date Time Location
The Intriguing Case of the Octagonal Gemstones from Gordion (Turkey)
Andrew Goldman (Gonzaga)
Nov 3 7:05pm Kane 210