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Women, Weapons and Warfare: Weapons and Burial Goods from Old Kingdom Egypt to Early Bronze Age Anatolia (hosted by Willamette University and the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest)

Stephanie Selover (UW NELC)
Thursday, October 7, 2021 - 7:00pm
Via Zoom. Contact Reyna Meyers at rmeyers at to receive the Zoom link.

In archaeology and art history, women of the ancient world are often identified through stereotypically “feminine” materials such as jewellery or weaving tools. This study of Old Kingdom/Early Bronze Age (ca. 3000-2000 BCE) cultures reveals the reality to be less simple. Art historical studies of Old Kingdom Egypt, combined with evidence from tombs in Egypt and Anatolia, reveal that both male and female graves contained functional weapons and that women were also sometimes depicted with weapons and as fighters. This talk investigates the increase in weapons as grave goods in both male and female graves and how this change relates to alterations in the social order in Old Kingdom Egypt and contemporary Early Bronze Age Anatolia.

Prof. Selover's talk will be followed by a 5-10-minute response by Mary Bachvarova (Lindsay and Corinne Stewart Professor in Humanities, Dept. of Classical Studies, Willamette University) and a Q&A session.

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