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Ethical Pedagogies in Teaching Classics, Medieval, and Early Modern Periods

Professor Kate Norako, of the UW English Dept., and the Classical Medieval and Early Modern Studies Group
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 4:00pm
CMU 218D

How do we - as scholars of early-period cultures--implement pedagogies that responsibly and ethically engage with political turmoil today? The rhetoric and narratives of increasingly visible white supremacist movements in the United States and elsewhere draws on a false, homogenized, and glorified view of classical, medieval, and early modern European history and literature. How can we ensure that our teaching practices refuse such narratives?  On Wednesday, March 1st, from 4-6 in CMU 218D, CMEMS and Professor Kate Norako (UW, English) will hold a discussion and workshop on teaching early period courses and the ways we can engage with the complex and challenging questions that arise, especially questions of race, sexual politics, and religious conflict and bigotry.
Our agenda for this meeting includes:

  1. An overview of the challenges early period fields face, especially white supremacist narratives
  2. Sharing questions and concerns about teaching early periods post-election
  3. A discussion of the AAUP's "Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty in the Wake of the 2016 Election" (Please check it out ahead of time at this link:
  4. Suggestions for approaches, lesson plans, and readings
  5. Action items
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