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Themes in Scholarship & Book Arts: Law & Social Justice from Antiquity to Modern Times. A colloquium in connection with 'Under the Wings of Artemis: The Crossroads of Scholarship and Art'

Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 7:00pm
264 Savery

This will be a colloquium -- a roundtable discussion -- connected with the exhibit in Suzzallo entitled 'Under the Wings of Artemis: The Crossroads of Scholarship and Art' organized by Lauren Dudley and Sandra Kroupa.  For more information on the exhibit click here.

The colloquium, the first of two (the second is tentatively scheduled for 20 February 2014), will feature a roundtable discussion with Professor Deborah Kamen (UW Classics), local artist and author Carletta Carrington Wilson (visit her website here for further information), and artist Fred Hagstrom from Carleton College (visit his website here).  The panel will focus on how art and scholarship explore the ways that the protection of law has been extended to or withheld from different populations from antiquity through contemporary times.

The exhibit, organized by Lauren Dudley along with Sandra Kroupa in Suzzallo's Special Collections, showcases from Suzzallo Library's extensive collection of artists' books those which focus on themes drawn from or inspired by classical literature and myth.  The chronological range of these books runs from the Renaissance to the present day; there are also some created (by faculty and others) specifically for the exhibit. In conjunction with these the exhibition also includes scholarly books by faculty from the Department of Classics that explore similar themes, albeit in a more academic vein than the artists' books.  The two colloquia (the second is scheduled for Feb.  21, 2014) associated with the exhibit seek to bring together scholars and artists in order to discuss the ways in which their work intersects, with particular attention to the themes illustrated by the material in the exhibit.

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