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UW at the SCS/AIA/NACGLE (2020)!

Submitted by Deborah E Kamen on December 16, 2019 - 9:42am

If you’re going to the SCS/AIA/NACGLE conferences in Washington, DC in January 2020, be sure to check out these talks and roundtables featuring UW faculty, graduate students, and alumni!
Friday, January 3
SCS Session 17 (Greek and Roman Novel): Ashli Baker (Bucknell faculty; UW PhD ‘11), “(Re)Reading the Roman Goddess Isis-Fortuna in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses
SCS Session 25 (Latin Poetry): Edgar Adrián García (UW PhD student), “Serta Mihi Phyllis Legeret: Epigrammatic Echoes in Vergil's Eclogues”
SCS Session 28 (Classics and Civic Activism: Joint AIA-SCS Workshop): organized by Yurie Hong (Gustavus Adolphus faculty; UW PhD ’07), T. H. M. Gellar-Goad, and Amit Shilo
Saturday, January 4
SCS Session 43 (Citizenship, Migration, and Identity in Classical Athens): Naomi Campa (Kenyon faculty; UW PhD ‘14), “Power Struggles: Neaira and the Threat to Citizenship”

AIA Roundtable: Kathryn Topper (UW faculty): “How Can We Push Back Against Eurocentric Narratives in Ancient Art Survey Courses?”
SCS Session 58 (Global Receptions): Adriana Vazquez (UCLA faculty; UW PhD ’17), “Dreaming of Hector in the Brazilian Neoclassical Period: Conceptualizing ‘Window Reception’”
SCS Presidential Panel (Central and Marginal in Classical Studies): Yurie Hong (Gustavus Adolphus faculty; UW PhD ’07), roundtable discussant
Sunday, January 5
SCS Session 60 (Sisters Doin’ It for Themselves: Women in Power in the Ancient World and the Ancient Imaginary): Morgan Palmer (Nebraska faculty; UW PhD ’14), “Always Advanced by Her Recommendations: The Vestal Virgins and Women's Mentoring”
SCS Session 61 (Beyond Reception: Addressing Issues of Social Justice in the Classroom with Modern Comparisons): Matthew Gorey (Wabash faculty; UW PhD ’17), “The Reception of Classics in Hispanophone and Lusophone Cultures and Modern Imperialism”
SCS Session 63 (What's New in Ovidian Studies): Sophie Emilia Seidler (UW MA student), “Proserpina’s Pomegranate and Ceres’ Anorexic Anger: Food, Sexuality, and Denial in Ovid’s Account of Ceres and Proserpina”
SCS Session 66 (Homerica): Kaitlyn Boulding (UW PhD Student), “Poetically Packed: πυκ[ι]νός in the Iliad”
SCS Session 69 (Public Life in Classical Athens): Deborah Kamen (UW faculty), “Insults and Status Negotiation in the Athenian Agora”
Monday, January 6
NACGLE Session (Curses): Sarah Brucia Breitenfeld (UW PhD student), “‘May the Thief Become as Liquid as Water’: Persuasion and Power in a Curse Tablet from Roman Bath”

NACGLE Session (Roman Epigraphy: The Sacred): Morgan Palmer (Nebraska faculty; UW PhD ’14), “The Fictores on Inscriptions from the Atrium Vestae