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B.A. in Greek

Through the B.A. in Greek, students analyze a complex civilization of people whose ideologies and practices still guide daily life in communities around the globe. They gain advanced expertise in the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece, which enriches their perspective on issues that are still under debate in our cultural, intellectual, professional and civic lives. Through interactive language classes, specialized courses on topics ranging from epic, tragic, and comic poetry to religion and sports in the ancient Greek and Roman world, and affordable study abroad opportunities, they build skills in innovative analysis, creative and collaborative problem-solving, and outstanding, persuasive communication. Graduates pursue careers in a variety of fields such as education, law, journalism, business and entrepreneurship, and health sciences.

We also offer a Minor in Greek and an Honors Program.

Admissions, Advising & Student Resources

Please see our Undergraduate Programs section for information about applying to the program, career paths, scholarships, and other student resources. The Classics Department adviser is ready to help you if you have any further questions.

Degree Requirements

Requirements for the major in Greek (52-58 credits) are:

  1. Either GREEK 101, GREEK 102, GREEK 103; or GREEK 300, GREEK 301 (10-15 credits)
  2. 15 credits of 300-level GREEK courses, excluding GREEK 300 and GREEK 301
  3. 20 credits of 400-level GREEK courses
  4. 5 credits from approved classics in English, classical art and archaeology, ancient history, the history of ancient philosophy, and the history of ancient science. See list of acceptable courses.
  5. CLAS 495, the Senior Essay (2-3 credits)

Students who intend to continue their studies to the Ph.D. degree are advised to take the B.A. in Classics or, alternatively, the B.A. in Latin or in Greek with as many courses as possible in the second language.