Glenn Hughes


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
It's not so easy to fool little girls nowadays: the transformation of Little Red Riding Hood from ingenue to self-possessed woman (Senior Essay) (2013) Jennifer Bull
Adviser: James J. Clauss
Folklore and Mythology
Bad Girls: The Role of the Mala in Ancient Greek and Roman Literature (Honors Thesis) (2013) Malia Piper
Adviser: Catherine M. Connors
Greek (Classical), Roman History and Culture, Latin Literature, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Narrative magic: an analysis of some ancient contes fantastiques (Honors Thesis) (2013) R. Allen Snider
Adviser: Alexander Hollmann
Truth and Authority: Homer, Hesiod, and the Challenge of Early Philosophy  (Honors Thesis) (2013) Molly Ostheller
Adviser: Olga Levaniouk
Otium and Delectatio: A Study of Leisure for Cicero in Public and in Private (Senior Essay) (2012) Carmen Sylvia Spiers
Adviser: Sarah Culpepper Stroup
Latin Literature
Men are Made in Rome, Not from Venus? (Senior Essay) (2012) Grace Chu Roman History and Culture
Devouring Odysseus (Senior Essay) (2012) Kyle Vormestrand
Adviser: Sarah Culpepper Stroup
Greek (Classical)
Hoc Domicilium Clarissimi Imperi: Rome and the Rhetorical Use of Location in the Catilinarians and De Domo Sua (Honors Thesis) (2012) Edward Nolan
Adviser: Sarah Culpepper Stroup
Latin Literature, Visual Culture
Clytemnestra in the Oresteia and Greek Pottery: Gender, Textiles and Weaponry (Senior Essay) (2012) Katherine Caple
Adviser: Kathryn Topper
Greek (Classical), Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Visual Culture
Scipio Africanus and the Fall of the Roman Republic (Senior Essay) (2012) Chris Bauer
Adviser: Mira Green
Roman History and Culture
Etruscan Aristocratic Women: the Ultimate Status Symbol (Senior Essay) (2012) Sijia Yu
Adviser: Kathryn Topper
Archaeology, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Visual Culture
Exemplary Oratory in Livy: the cases of Camillus and Scipio (Honors Thesis) (2012) John Benefiel
Adviser: Alain M. Gowing
Latin Literature, Historiography, Oratory
Modern Travel in Ancient Rome: The eternal tourist experience (Senior Essay) (2012) Amanda Zurita
Adviser: Alain M. Gowing
Roman History and Culture, Popular Culture
A Song of Deadly Desire: The Evolution of the Sexy Siren in Late Antique Allegory (Honors Thesis) (2012) Anysia Dumont
Adviser: Olga Levaniouk
Greek (Classical), Late Antiquity
Women's Roles and Funeral Rites in Ancient Athens (Senior Essay) (2012) Michelle Darci
Adviser: Deborah Kamen
Greek History and Culture, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Skepticism and Belief in Classical Athens: an examination of Euripides' Bacchae (Senior Essay) (2011) John Polwarth
Adviser: Alain M. Gowing
Greek (Classical), Religion
Somnium Scipionis and Aeneid 6 (Completed/published) Adviser: Stephen E. Hinds Classics
Medea portfolio (Completed/published) Adviser: Stephen E. Hinds Classics
Locus Amoenus (Completed/published) Adviser: Stephen E. Hinds Classics
The Commingling of Greek and Egyptian Styles in Three Portraits of Ptolemaic Queens (Senior Essay) (Completed/published) Daryl Moore
Adviser: Kathryn Topper
Hellenistic, Visual Culture

In progress

Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Petronius' Trimalchio vs Tokugawa's Shogun: the Elegance found within the Ideal Dining and the Ridiculousness in the Extremities (2017) Kayoung Kim
Adviser: Alain M. Gowing
Culture, Food, Imperial Rome, Latin Literature