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Alain M. Gowing (he/him/his)

Professor Emeritus of Classics
Adjunct Professor of History

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Denny M262C (north mezzanine)
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WQ Office Hour: M 11:30-12:20 and by appointment


Ph.D. Bryn Mawr
B.A., Classics and English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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I continue to be interested in issues of Roman memory and imperial Rome's relationship with its past, especially as manifested in early imperial historians and writers. This grows out of longstanding interests reflected in my Empire and Memory.  The Representation of the Roman Republic in Imperial Culture (Cambridge 2005).  Apart from several article-length projects on aspects of Roman memory and imperial literature, my current (and longstanding) book project is tentatively titled Genius urbis. The city of Rome in Latin historiography, an exploration of when and how the urban spaces, buildings, and monuments of Rome figure in (primarily) Sallust, Livy, and Tacitus.  My overarching interests lie in the intersection of history and literature, especially in the imperial period.  For a full list of publications and projects, as well as various dissertations I have supervised or am in the process of supervising, please see the CV on my website (listed below).


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Spring 2015

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American Philological Association, Archaeological Institute of America, Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest

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