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Two Classics majors awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarships

Submitted by Alain M Gowing on March 20, 2013 - 2:18pm

Congratulations to Classics majors Malia Piper and R. Allen Snider, both of whom have been awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarships in support of their Honors Theses.

Malia, working under the mentorship of Professor Catherine Connors, is writing on 'Bad Girls: The Role of the Mala in Ancient Greek and Roman Literature'.  The project investigates representations of the mala, the 'bad woman', who gives instruction to young women about managing lovers.  

Professor Alex Hollmann is supervising Allen Snider's Thesis on 'Narrative magic: an analysis of some ancient contes fantastiques'.  The paper investigates the idea of narrative itself as enchantment or magic in literary accounts of magical activity, drawing on the technical
vocabulary of magic used in the magical papyri as well as on more mainstream literary descriptions of the magical and supernatural.

Malia and Allen will be presenting their work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium on Friday, May 17, 2013.  Cick here for more information on the Symposium.

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