McDiarmid Lectures



Title Date Time Location
Reading Women's Experiences in New Comedy
Sharon James (UNC Chapel Hill)
Mar 2 3:30pm tba


Title Date Time Location
Virgil's Geopoetics
Alessandro Barchiesi (NYU) -- John B. and Mary K. McDiarmid Lecture
Feb 3 3:30pm Paccar 295


Title Date Time Location
A rethinking of Sappho in the light of the newest fragments
Gregory Nagy (Harvard)
Jan 12 3:30pm Condon Hall 109


Title Date Time Location
Wondering About, and Wondering At, Metamorphosis in Ancient Myth
Sarah Iles Johnston (Ohio State)
Apr 10 3:30pm Paccar 293


Title Date Time Location
Plutarch and the Character of History
John Marincola (Florida State)
Mar 7 3:30pm 290 Paccar Hall


Title Date Time Location
Antiquity in Silent Cinema
Maria Wyke (University College, London)
Mar 8 3:30pm Thomson 125


Title Date Time Location
Teaching, Pretending to Teach, and the Authority of the Speaker in Roman Didactic and Satire
James J. O'Hara (North Carolina)
Mar 2 3:30pm Paccar 290


Title Date Time Location
Pliny's Planetary Theory: Soundings
Cynthia Damon (Pennsylvania)
Nov 5 3:30pm
Unscrolling the Text: Greek Literature and the Hellenistic Diaspora
Tim Whitmarsh (Corpus Christi, Oxford)
Mar 5 3:30pm Denny 216


Title Date Time
Inscribed Epigrams In and Out of Sequence or "Valorous-hearted as well were they who fought at Eïon"
Peter Bing (Emory)
Oct 23 3:30pm


Title Date Time Location
From Syracuse to Rome: The Travails of Silanion's Sappho
Patricia Rosenmeyer (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Oct 12 3:30pm Denny 216


Title Date Time Location
Silent Protest: The Politics of Death in Tacitean Rome
Catharine Edwards (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Oct 27 3:30pm Balmer 201


Title Date Time Location
The New Empedocles
Diskin Clay (Duke University)
Nov 18 3:30pm Denny 216


Title Date Time Location
How to Destroy the History of Sexuality
David M. Halperin (Michigan)
Nov 5 3:30pm Denny 216
Transitions into History: Founding and Refounding, the City or Rome
Denis Feeney (Princeton)
Feb 27 3:30pm Denny 216


Title Date Time Location
Choral Identity in Greek Tragedy
Helene Foley (Barnard)
Nov 4 3:30pm Smith 304
Artemis and Greek Culture in the Roman Empire: Structuralism, Polytheism, and Mess
Simon Goldhill (Cambridge)
Jan 11 3:00pm Denny 212


Title Date Time
Love in Copenhagen: Thorvaldsen's Museum
John Henderson (Cambridge)
Mar 5 4:00pm