Recent News

David Jekel, who is majoring in Classics and Mathematics and is also in the Honors Program, has been awarded a prestigious President's Medal.  You can read more about David and the award here
Professor Stephen Hinds has won a prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for University Teachers, which he will take in the 2014-15 academic year.  The official NEH project title is Latin Literature’s Resonance in Other Languages and Traditions, though the working title of the planned book is Poetry across languages: literature, literalism and the Latin tradition.  The official press release announcing the awards may be found here; there is a link on that page to a pdf listing by state all... Read more
This summer, from July 2nd to August 9th, Professor Sarah Stroup will again lead the UW Tel Dor Excavations and Field School.  Returning from a year off for publication and research, the UW team will rejoin with the host teams from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and University of Haifa, to resume excavation in the southern areas of the tell, and to open new areas to the north.  Professor Stroup was once again fortunate to have received a generous $20,000 grant from the Samis Foundation; as before, this money will be used to help subsidize staff participation, and to provide up to 12 partial... Read more
Devin Gleeson, Edward Nolan, and Molly Ostheller at lunch at the CHS
 (Pictured, from L to R in foreground: Devin Gleeson, Edward Nolan, and Molly Ostheller at lunch at the CHS) UW Classics students are now contributing to the first-ever electronic multitext edition of Homer. In June three of our undergraduates—Molly Ostheller, Devin Gleeson, and Edward Nolan (now off to graduate school at Vanderbilt) —took part in an inter-collegiate summer seminar at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC. The two-week seminar was devoted to the Homer Multitext project housed at the Center: the students learned the fundamental facts about oral and textual... Read more
We are delighted and excited to welcome to the Department for the 2012-13 academic year Visiting Fulbright Scholar Professor Yongyi Li of Chongqing University (China).  More about Professor Li: Prof. Yongyi Li obtained his PhD in American and British Literature from Beijing Normal University, where he taught between 2003 and 2009. Since 2009, he has been teaching at Chongqing University. During the 2012-2013 school year, he will be a Fulbright research scholar at the Department of Classics, University of Washington. His major fields of inquiry include Romantic and Modernist poetry, Roman... Read more
Oil Jar with Paris and Helen (detail), attributed to the Painter of the Frankfort Acorn, vase-painter; and Phintias, potter. Greek, Athens, 420-400 B.C.
Our own Professor Ruby Blondell will be giving a talk at the Getty Villa in Malibu on Saturday, September 15, on Helen, the subject of her forthcoming book.  For details on the lecture click here.
On June 16th, Dave Brodhead, a senior majoring in Classics and recipient of a Jim Greenfield Scholarship for 2012-13, and the department's own Professor Cathy Connors came together to provide young, 4th-grade students and their families the chance to explore the cosmos.  "I was looking for a way to get my students excited for university education," said Brodhead, who teaches a Sunday-school class each week, "and I knew that Professor Connors wouldn't pass up the opportunity."  The team prepared a day of activities, which included exploring the cosmos from both the ancient and modern... Read more
Edward Franks (MA '66) has kindly sent the Department a copy of a major book completed in August 2012 and entitled The Role of Vicars and the Functioning of Dioceses within the wider Administrative System of the Later Roman Empire: An investigation of a senior mid-level management position, principle lines of authority, and major interdepartmental transmission belts for the conduct of state business with the major emphasis on the period 285-450 A.D. A Response to 50 years of usurpations, civil wars and foreign invasion, 235-285 A.D., the Making of a 'Fail-Safe' civilian bureacratic... Read more
Under the leadership of our very own Professor Jim Clauss, who has been the Director since 2007, the UW Honors Program has recently been named the 'Best of the West' by John Willingham, author of A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs.  Congratulations to Jim and his colleagues in Honors for this signal accomplishment!  For the full story click here.  To learn more about the University Honors Program, click... Read more
Four members of the department are just back from the quadrennial Feminism and Classics conference, on the theme Crossing Borders, Crossing Lines, at Brock University. Deb Kamen presented a paper on "Fictive Sale and the Manumission of Prostitutes in Ancient Greece", and Ruby Blondell gave one entitled "Playing on the Gender Boundary: Gorgias’ Helen". Two of our graduate students, Melissa Funke and Alex Kennedy, likewise presented papers, Melissa on "The Curious Case of Heracles' Apology in Euripides' Auge", and Alex on "Neaira and Phormio: the Problem of Natural... Read more