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For those of you who may have missed (or simply want to relive) Professor Stephen Hinds' Katz Lecture on February 25 (click here for more information on that event), a video excerpt from the lecture is now available through the Simpson Center for the Humanities -- click here to view it.
We are pleased to report that the University of California Press has published an updated edition of Jim Clauss' and Dan Harmon's splendid translation of Filippo Coarelli's Rome and Environ: An Archaeological Guide.  This translation has made this seminal work accessible in English to all those interested in Rome and Roman topopgraphy.  The updated edition contains an extensive bibliography and, in addition, the maps and site plans, prepared by emeritus Professor Pierre MacKay and Jerry Clauss, have been fully cleaned up and corrected from the original publications.  Click... Read more
We are delighted to report that Professor Sarah Levin-Richardson, who will be joining the faculty in the Department of Classics this coming fall, has been awarded a 2014-15 Rome Prize to the American Academy in Rome.  One of the most prestigious awards of its kind, the Rome Prize is awarded annually "to approximately thirty individuals who represent the highest standard of excellence in the arts and humanities."  To read more about the Prize and this year's recipients, including Sarah, please click here and... Read more
We are very pleased to report that Brandi Boseovski (BA '12 in Latin) has been awarded a Zeph Stewart Latin Teacher Training Award from the American Philological Society.  The award will allow Brandi, a Latin teacher at Edmonds Heights K-12 School, to continue to enhance and hone her teaching skills.   She has been working closely with Professor Catherine Connors, and is currently enrolled in Cathy's Latin 475 (Improvement of Teaching Latin).  Click here to read details of the award
Not that you need any encouragement to read Professor Ruby Blondell's superb Helen of Troy (Oxford 2013), but if you do, you might want to read Emily Wilson's recent, glowing review in the New Republic.   Click here to read it.
On April 22, 2014, the Daily published a fine article (written by Daily reporter Megan Herndon) about Professor Cathy Connors' remarkable work to promote the study of Latin in regional high schools through the UW Latin in the High School, a program run through the UW in the High School.  To read the full article, click here; and to read more about the UW in the High School program, click here.
We are pleased to report that Christina Vester (PhD '04 ) has recently been awarded a 2014 Distinguished Teaching Award at University of Waterloo, where she is an Associate Professor of Classical Studies (click here for the announcement).  And this is on top of an Arts Teaching Award she won in 2013 (click here for that award).  (The Distinguished Teaching... Read more
NB: Since we first posted this story on January 27, a splendid article on the Department and its efforts to achieve diversity has appeared in the March 2014 issue of Perspectives, the Newsletter of the College of Arts & Sciences (click here for the story) as well as an article in the March 10 issue of Daily (click here for that story).   We are proud to announce that the Department of... Read more
The website for the 'Wings of Artemis' exhibit (click here for information on the exihibit) is now live.  Click here to visit it! Please note, too, that the exhibit catalog is available for ordering (in either hard or paperback) from  Please click here to travel to the relevant link.  The catalog is in fact quite gorgeous and fabulous: even if you... Read more
Professor Olga Levaniouk has filed the following update on the Homer multitext project (click here for a last year's report on this marvelous undertaking): This summer for the second time a team from the Classics department took part in an inter-collegiate undergraduate seminar at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC. Two of our students, Dillon Gish and Beni Ransom, spent two weeks at the Center; as their accompanying faculty member, I was there for the first week.  Our... Read more