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Sarah Levin-Richardson gives talk at Stanford 

Submitted by Catherine M Connors on February 18, 2016 - 7:50am
Sarah Levin-Richardson lectures at Stanford

Professor Levin-Richardson was honored to be invited back to her alma mater, Stanford University, to deliver a talk on “Oppression and Agency in Pompeii’s Purpose-built Brothel.” Speaking to a full house, Prof. Levin-Richardson explained how careful examination of the brothel’s material record—its architecture, archaeological finds, frescoes, and graffiti—can illuminate the physical, social, and emotional experiences of those who worked in Pompeii’s most famous brothel two thousand years ago. In the end, the talk gave voice to a group of men and women who were marginalized in antiquity, and also challenged conventional wisdom about sexual labor in antiquity.

Professor Levin-Richardson was delighted to reconnect with recent UW Classics alums, including Lissa Crofton-Sleigh (Ph.D. 2014; currently a Lecturer at Santa Clara University), and Dillon Gisch (B.A. 2013; now a second-year graduate student at Stanford).

See more on Professor Levin-Richardson’s research here:, or stay tuned for her book Beyond Sex: Prostitution in Pompeii’s Brothel.