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Graduate Application Procedures

Deadline: The deadline for submitting applications for matriculation in Autumn Quarter 2024 is January 5, 2024

Applications to our graduate program should be completed and submitted online through the University of Washington Graduate School.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE ONLINE APPLICATIONHere is what you can expect:

After completing your initial profile, you will be taken through a menu of items and asked to supply various pieces of information, specifically:

  1. Select your Graduate Program.  Indicate here whether you wish to pursue a PhD or the MA degree alone (a 'terminal' MA).  The latter would be appropriate for someone who intends, for example, to apply to a doctoral program at another institution after earning the MA here or to pursue a career in secondary school teaching.
  2. Review Requirements and Deadlines
  3. Report Prior Schools.  Indicate here schools attended, with dates, and degrees earned or anticipated.
  4. Submit Unofficial Transcripts
  5. Designate Recommendations.  The Department of Classics requires three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with you and your work and who are prepared to write on your behalf.  Three letters are required; we will accept up to five.  You will be asked to supply the names and contact information (email; mailing address optional) of your recommenders.
  6. Indicate Foreign Language Proficiency.  We are interested in learning the level of your reading (or speaking) proficiency in any modern language as acquired through either formal study or background and experience.
  7. Submit Resume or Vita.  This is optional.
  8. Request Fellowship or Assistantship.  Here we simply wish to know whether or not you wish to be considered for financial support in the form of a fellowship or assistantship.  For most applicants the answer to this is 'yes'. 
  9. Submit Statement of Purpose.  We ask for a 300-500 word statement in which you discuss your educational and professional objectives.  Why, that is, are you interested in pursuing graduate level work in Classics and what are your ultimate professional objectives (e.g., teach and conduct research at the university or college level, secondary school teaching, etc.)
  10. Submit Personal Statement.  This is optional, and it is distinct from the previous step (the instructions online will explain further).
  11. Applicant's Reading in Greek and Latin.  Please let us know what texts you have read in Greek and/or Latin.  A sample form for this may be found by clicking here.
  12. Summary of Classics Courses Taken, in Progress, or Planned.  Indicate here all relevant Classics courses (in Latin, Greek, courses 'in translation', etc.) you have taken, in progress, or planned.  A sample form for this may be found by clicking here.

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS PLEASE NOTE: The University of Washington provides separate application forms for domestic and international applicants. You MUST specifically submit an international application if:

  • You are NOT a citizen, Permanent Resident, or Immigrant to the U.S.;
  • You WILL NEED a visa of any type to enter the U.S.

Questions or problems? Please contact the Department of Classics' Graduate Program Coordinator, Professor Olga Levaniouk ( Questions regarding Graduate School admission procedures that are not answered by their webpage may be addressed to Graduate Enrollment Management Services, G-1 Communications, Box 353770, Seattle, WA 98195-3770, , Phone: (206) 685-2630, Fax: (206) 685-3234. 





Revised August 18, 2015