Title Date Time Location
Ethical Pedagogies in Teaching Classics, Medieval, and Early Modern Periods
Professor Kate Norako, of the UW English Dept., and the Classical Medieval and Early Modern Studies Group
Mar 1 4:00pm CMU 218D
Beyond the Major: Why your degree is in demand 
A lunch hour workshop at the Denny Career Coffeehouse
Jan 25 12:30pm Denny 359


Title Date Time Location
Career Coffeehouse  Nov 3 12:30pm Denny 257, Meg Greenfield Room
UW in the High School Latin 103 Annual Subject Training
Dr. Arlene Holmes Henderson
May 14 11:15am Savery Hall, Room 139


Title Date Time Location
Reading Homer's Odyssey: A workshop for teachers
Catherine Connors (UW Classics)
Jun 23 to Jun 26 311 Denny Hall