Lunchtime Colloquiums



Title Date Time Location
'On the purported incompatibility of philosophy and the city: reputation in Plato’s Gorgias and Theaetetus'
Andreas Avgousti (Visiting Scholar in UW Department of Political Science)
Apr 12 12:30pm Denny 257, Meg Greenfield Room
Chad Carver, 'Pindar’s ὅπλων κρίσις: Ajax and Athens in Three Aeginetan Odes.'  Grace Funsten, 'A Learned Dog: Roman Elegy and the Epitaph for Margarita.'
Chad Carver and Grace Funsten (UW PhD program)
Apr 6 2:30pm Denny 257, Meg Greenfield Room
Department Tea-Time Colloquium (double-header):    'Lesbius, Gellius, and Catullus: Rivals for the Lesbian Muse' (DC)    'Seeing Teucer Doubled: Ambiguity and Prophecy in Horace, Odes 1.7' (EAG) 
Daniel Conner and Edgar Adrián García (UW Classics PhD program)
Feb 28 4:30pm Denny 257, Meg Greenfield Room


Title Date Time Location
'Efficacior Pictura: Morality and the Arts in Valerius Maximus'
Emma Brobeck, PhD Student, University of Washington
Oct 11 12:30pm Denny 257 (Meg Greenfield Room)
Prolegomena ad Columellam: An Assessment of Columella’s Major Treatise on Agriculture in Light of the Catonian and Varronian Tradition
Alberto Requejo (PhCand, UW Classics)
Mar 30 12:30pm Denny 257 (Meg Greenfield Room)
'Close the Doors of your Ears:' Tracing an Orphic Formula in Augustan Poetry   (A mid-afternoon colloquium in the lunchtime series)
Adriana Vazquez (PhCand, UW Classics)
Feb 16 4:30pm Denny 257 (Meg Greenfield Room)


Title Date Time Location
How to Get Away with Murder: A Reinterpretation of the Mnesterophonia
Eunice Kim
Nov 17 12:30pm Meg Greenfield Room, Denny 257
Lucretian coloring in the death of Turnus
Matthew Gorey
Mar 11 2:30pm Condon 309
Ethos and Persona in Catullus 16
Adrian Gramps, visiting graduate student, Trinity College Dublin
Jan 29 2:30pm Condon 309


Title Date Time Location
Keeping the door open: Janus in Ovid’s Fasti and beyond
Christian Badura (Münster)
Jun 4 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
Muse of the Pipes: The Aqua Marcia and Aqua Virgo as Roman poetic tradition
Bridget Langley (UW Classics)
Mar 12 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
 Horace, Lucan, and the Beginnings of the Eighteenth-Century Gothic
James Uden (Boston University)
Feb 26 12:30pm 209 Denny Hall
Metapoetics and Minerva in Ovid's Fasti
Emma Brobeck (UW Classics)
Feb 19 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall


Title Date Time Location
Ipse senatorum meminit clarissimus ordo: Memory, Identity, and Spatial Polemic in Prudentius' Contra Symmachum
Joshua Hartman (UW Classics)
Oct 23 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
Terra Australis Incognita: Tales of the Antarctic Latin Club
Trevor Layman
May 29 12:30pm Savery 264
Roman Surgery: The Tools of the Trade
Lawrence Bliquez (UW Classics)
Apr 24 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
Aineias vs. Aeneas: Homeric Allusion at Aeneid 12.894-907
Matthew Gorey (UW Classics)
Feb 27 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall


Title Date Time Location
Urbs amoena: Sex and Violence in the Ovidian City
Bridget Langley (UW Classics)
Dec 5 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
Inscribing fate: Epigraphic Conventions and Virgil's Aeneas
Morgan Palmer (UW Classics)
Nov 21 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
Helen of Troy Unlimited
Ruby Blondell (UW Classics)
Oct 24 12:30pm Denny 215A
Ulysses reading Plato: Shakespeare Stages the Alcibiades
Ellwood Wiggins (UW Germanics)
May 23 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
Demosthenes’ ἰαμβοφάγος: Archilochean Invective in Aeschines' Against Timarchus
Eunice Kim (UW Classics)
Apr 4 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
Buying Freedom: Slave-Prostitutes and Manumission in Ancient Greece
Deborah Kamen (UW Classics)
Feb 28 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
 From Paganism to Christianity: Cultural Identities in Horbat Beit Loya, Israel
Oren Gutfeld (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Feb 14 12:30pm 290 Paccar Hall
Report on the Homer Multi-text Project
Devin Gleeson and Molly Ostheller (and maybe others!)
Jan 24 12:30pm 290 Paccar Hall


Title Date Time Location
"No Mercy for Tiberius?  Clementia in Velleius Paterculus' Historiae"
Jaime Volker (UW Classics)
Nov 15 12:30pm Faculty-Graduate Lounge, Denny 215A
Rabbi Judah and the Caesar: Unlikely Stories about an Unlikely Friendship
Rabbi Oren Hayon (Hillel UW)
Oct 18 12:30pm 290 Paccar Hall
In Pursuit of the Puella: Rigidity and Temporality in Met. 1.452ff and Amores 1.3
Adriana Vazquez (UW Classics)
Sep 27 12:30pm 215A Denny Hall
The Lost Scrapbook of Miss Mattie Hansee
Catherine Connors (UW Classics)
May 24 12:30pm to 1:20pm Paccar 291
The Peculiar Case of Heracles' Apology in Euripides' Auge / Neaira and Phormio: The Problem of Natural Slavery and Manumission
Melissa Funke and Alex Kennedy (UW Classics)
Apr 26 12:30pm to 1:20pm Faculty-Graduate Lounge, Denny 215A
Conspiracy in the Clades Variana? Sallustian echoes in Velleius Paterculus' Historiae, 2.117-118
Jaime Volker (UW Classics)
Mar 8 12:30pm to 1:20pm Faculty-Graduate Lounge, Denny 215A
Absent Presents: Desire, Distance, and the Donum in Ovid Amores 2.15
Bridget Langley (UW Classics)
Feb 16 12:30pm to 1:20pm Faculty-Graduate Lounge, Denny 215A


Title Date Time Location
From the Ground Up: Philosophy of Archaeology
Alison Wylie (UW Philosophy)
Dec 1 12:30pm to 1:20pm Faculty-Graduate Lounge, Denny 215A
Helen with a Blue Dress On: Strauss' Die Ägyptische Helena
Lissa Crofton-Sleigh (UW Classics)
Oct 20 12:30pm to 1:20pm Faculty-Graduate Lounge, Denny 215A