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CLAS 405 A: Undergraduate Seminar in Classics

Summer Term: 
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TTh 2:20pm - 4:50pm
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Joint Sections: 
LATIN 405 A, GREEK 405 A
Clauss with students in Rome
James J. Clauss

Syllabus Description:

Readings from the Old and New Testaments in Greek and Latin

Note that this is a language course. At least one year of either Greek or Latin is required. If you read Latin, sign up for Latin 405; Greek, Greek 405; both, CLAS 405.

We will read selections from the Old Testament and the Gospel of Matthew in its entirety. The selections from the OT will focus largely on Genesis (Creation, Noah, Abraham, and Moses). The text will be the Polyglot Bible on-line: Students who read Latin will read the texts in Latin, those who read Greek, will read the texts in Greek. The texts can be read simultaneously because the Latin is a translation of the Greek/Hebrew. I will also teach students the Hebrew alphabet so that we can observe Hebrew names and important words in the OT. The Polyglot Bible includes Hebrew and the translation of the King James Bible.

Students with as little as one year of Greek or Latin are able to take this class because the texts are grammatically and syntactically simple.

In addition to reading the texts, we will explore narrative style and examine story lines and characters, looking for points of contact between OT/NT texts and Classical Literature (e.g., birth of Moses and birth of Romulus and Remus). The syllabus will be ready closer to the time when the course begins. If you have any questions, please contact me:

Catalog Description: 
Seminar on a broadly defined topic in classics. Includes reading in Latin or Greek as appropriate for individual students. Additional readings of works in English translation and works of scholarship chosen to give undergraduate majors familiarity with research methods and perspective on the discipline.
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