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LATIN 307 A: Vergil

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Meeting Time: 
MTWF 11:30am - 12:20pm
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James J. Clauss

Syllabus Description:

Latin 307 Vergil’s Aeneid

Spring 2021

MTWF 11:30-12:20


Instructor: James J. Clauss, Department of Classics

Office: Denny Hall M262F (difficult to find); tel. 543-2266 (department office phone)


Office Hours: zoom by appointment

Holidays: Monday, May 31


Required Texts:


Barbara Weiden Boyd (ed.), Vergil’s Aeneid: Expanded Collection, Bolchazy-Carducci 2013




J.H. Allen and J.B. Greenough, revised by Anne Mahoney, A New Latin Grammar Focus Publishing 2001


An earlier version of this is available on-line:


Extra grammatical help keyed to Boyd’s text is also available on line:


C.T. Lewis and C. Short, A Latin Dictionary. Oxford: OUP 1879 is available on line:


The Loeb Classical Library is available through the UW Library:


Oxford Classical Dictionary, Oxford: OUP 4th ed. 2012 (3rd ed. revised 2003), also at the UW Library:


Christopher Francese and Meghan Reedy, Vergil: Aeneid selections. Carlisle, PA: Dickinson Classical Commentaries 2016

Free online text, intermediate-level commentary, and multi-media resources for large parts of Aeneid (incl. 1.1-578).

Here’s the main page:

Here’s where Aen. 1 text, commentary and vocabulary notes start:

Goals of the Course:


This is the third quarter of the second-year series of intermediate Latin and presumes at the very least one full year of Latin, preferably also Latin 305 and 306 taught here at the UW or their equivalents. The goal is to read Book 1 of the Aeneid plus selections from Books 2 and 4.


In the course of our reading, we will focus on enhancing your confidence in the area of Latin morphology (forms), grammar and syntax; we will also study the dactylic hexameter in order to observe typical word order within. In addition to this, we will explore how the Aeneid is an intertextual poem; that is, how it incorporates earlier poetry, Greek and Latin, through its many allusions. We will also talk about the epic tradition within which the Aeneid is located, including its importance as a reflection of Roman values under the emperor Augustus. The hope and expectation of the course is that you will become more comfortable and confident reading Latin, in particular poetry, and will learn much about Latin literature in general and Roman culture as well.




Three quizzes (see Schedule of Readings): 60%

One final exam (completed on Canvas by Wednesday, June 9, at 4:20): 30%

Homework and participation in class: 10%



Schedule of Readings:


                        Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday    Friday


Week 1            Intro.               1.1-22              1.23-49            1.50-80


Week 2            1.80-105          1.106-131        1.132-156        1.157-179


Week 3            1.180-207        1.208-237        1.238-266        Quiz 1


Week 4            1.267-296        1.297-324        1.325-356        1.357-386


Week 5            1.387-417        1.418-449        1.450-482        1.483-519


Week 6            1.520-550        1.551-581        1.582-612        Quiz 2


Week 7            1.613-642        1.643-672        1.673-702        1.703-735


Week 8            1.736-56          2.1-20              4.1-30              Quiz 3

                                                Horace Serm. 2.1-20


Week 9            4.31-64            4.65-95            4.96-127          4.126-155


Week 10          Holiday           4.156-188        4.189-218        4.219-237


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Catalog Description: 
Selections from the first six books of the Aeneid; elementary exercises in Latin prose composition or metrics. Intended as third in a sequence of three. Recommended: one year of college-level Latin or equivalent. Offered: Sp.
GE Requirements: 
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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