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Adriana M. Vazquez. Vates and Initiates: Augustan Poetic Manipulation of Greek Mystery Cult. Diss., 2017. Graduate, Dissertations Classics, Latin Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Religion, Roman History and Culture
Alberto Requejo. Columella's Georgics: Form, Method, Intertextuality, Ideology. Diss., 2017 Graduate, Dissertations Classics
Alex Dressler. Matter, Language and Attachment in Seneca's Moral Epistles. Diss., 2009. Graduate, Dissertations Latin Literature, Post-Augustan, Critical Theory, Culture, Philosophy
Alexandra Kennedy. Leaving Rome: Alienation from and Attachment to the City in Augustan Literature. Diss., 2013. Graduate, Dissertations Latin Literature, Culture
Allison Das. When (S)he Spoke: A study of the feminized voice in the Aeschines-Demosthenes orations. Diss.. Graduate, Dissertations Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Greek (Classical), Greek History and Culture, Oratory
Apollo through Time and Space: From Homer’s Troy to Ovid’s Rome Graduate, Dissertations Greek History and Culture, Roman History and Culture, Folklore and Mythology, Religion
Ashli J. Baker. Apuleius' Political Animal: A Socio-Cultural reading of identity in the Metamorphoses. Diss., 2011. Graduate, Dissertations Greek (Classical), Roman History and Culture, Latin Literature, Imperial Rome, Novel/Prose Fiction
Braden Mechley. Reading (with) the Animals: Lucretius' Creatures and his Poetic Program. Diss., 1998 (co-chair) Graduate, Dissertations Classics
Bradley Levett. Gorgias the Sophist. Diss., 2002. Graduate, Dissertations Greek History and Culture, Greek (Classical), Philosophy
Brandon Jones, The Sophistic Roman: Education and Status in Quintilian, Tacitus and Pliny (2015) Graduate, Dissertations Roman History and Culture, Imperial Rome, Post-Augustan
Bridget Langley. Written on Running Water: Ovidian Poetics in the Roman Waterscape. Diss., 2016. Graduate, Dissertations Archaeology, Culture, Latin Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Visual Culture
Christina E. Franzen. Revulsion and Desire: the Figure of the Monster in the Roman Imperial Imagination. Diss., 2007. Graduate, Dissertations Latin Literature, Culture
Christina Vester. The Figure of the Mother in Greek Drama. Diss., 2004. Graduate, Dissertations Greek (Classical), Drama, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Poetry and Poetics
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Colin Shelton. Semantics and the Structure of Latin Etymological Wordplay. Diss., 2011. Graduate, Dissertations Latin Literature, Linguistics
Daniel A. Conner. Mille simul leti facies: The Allusive Battlefield of Punica 4. Diss., 2018 Graduate, Dissertations Classics, Imperial Rome, Latin Literature
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Erika J. Nesholm. Rhetoric and Epistolary Exchange in Ovid's Heroides 16-21. Diss., 2005. Graduate, Dissertations Classics, Latin Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Rhetoric and Composition
Ethan T. Adams. Gods and Humans in Ovid's Metamorphoses : Constructions of Identity and the Politics of Status. Diss., 2003. Graduate, Dissertations Classics, Latin Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Religion
Hans-Peder Hanson. Sophistic Epistemology. Diss., 2010. Graduate, Dissertations Greek (Classical), Philosophy
Jackie Murray. Polyphonic Argo. Diss., 2005. Graduate, Dissertations Greek (Classical), Hellenistic, Poetry and Poetics
Jaime Volker. Caesarian Conflict: Portrayals of Julius Caesar in narratives of civil war. Diss., 2012. Graduate, Dissertations Latin Literature, Historiography
Jessica Kapteyn. All Italy an Orchard: Landscape and the State in Varro’s de Re Rustica. Graduate, Dissertations Culture, Ecocriticism, Latin Literature
Joshua J. Hartman. Allusion and Cultural Memory in Late Antiquity: Ausonius, Prudentius, and Claudian. Diss., 2016. Graduate, Dissertations Late Antiquity, Latin Literature, Poetry and Poetics