Classics in the news

Submitted by Alain M Gowing on

In this space we highlight current news reports that feature Classics in one way or another. 

  • Vladimir Putin and Hercules.  You must read here. (10/15/14)
  • Our own Professor Clauss consulted on...Big Foot.  Click here if you don't believe us.
  • Augustus' stables in Rome to be reburied...for lack of funding.  Click here for the story. (8/19/14)

  • NASA and Latin: the Lunar and Planetary Lab at the University of Arizona sponsors HiRISE, a NASA mission that takes high resolution
    images of the surface of Mars onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.  Their website -- -- is worth visiting in its own right.  But interestingly, the project also has Latin-language Twitter feed and Tumblr, to which you may subscribe.  When you visit the site, choose 'Latin' on the 'Select A Language' link!! Or click here to go directly to the 'Beautiful Mars' website in Latin (7/29/14)
  • London skulls reveal gruesome evidence of Roman head hunters  Click here for the story (1/14/14).

  • Read Professor Ruby Blondell's May 3, 2013 contribution to The Blog on the Huffington Post, entitled 'A Space Odyssey' (a must read for anyone curious about a projected film version of the Odyssey set in space).  Click here for the story.
  • Roman chamber tomb found in an ancient Corinth.  Click here for the story.
  • Astonishing evidence of a naval battle that occurred during the First Punic War found in the waters off Sicily.  Click here!
  • Would you drink a 1,650 year old bottle of Roman wine?  Click here to find out who won't.
  • UW Professor uncovers origins of the Minoans.  Click here for the story.
  • Listen to the news in Latin on Finnish radio! Click here for the 4/8/13 NYT article.
  • Breaking news: Latin is not dead.  Click here for details.  And for further evidence, click here.
  • Follow this link for a story about a most unusual recent graduate from Columbia University, who has a deep affection for the Greek and Roman classics (especially Seneca the Younger!)