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A very special exhibition: Under the Wings of Artemis: The Crossroads of Scholarship and Art

Submitted by Alain M Gowing on October 10, 2013 - 4:45pm

On Monday, October 14, a very special exhibition entitled 'Under the Wings of Artemis: The Crossroads of Scholarship and Art.   Themes from the Academic Works of the University of Washington Classics Faculty Reflected In Modern Book Arts' will open in Special Collections in the UW's Allen Library.  The exhibit will run through February 21, 2014 (Special Collections is open from 10 am - 4:45pm
M,Th, F; and 10 am-7:45 pm Tues and Wed; it is closed on weekends.  Visitors to the exhibit should check in at the reception desk.)

This very special exhibit -- organized by Lauren Dudley, local artist and post-baccalaureate student in the Department of Classics, and Sandra Kroupa, Book Arts and Rare Book Curator for UW Libraries Special Collections --  showcases selections from Suzzallo Library's extensive collection of artists' books which focus on themes drawn from or inspired by classical literature and myth.  The chronological range of these books runs from the Renaissance to the present day; there will also be some created (by faculty and others) specifically for the exhibit. In conjunction with these the exhibition will also include scholarly books by faculty from the Department of Classics that explore similar themes, albeit in a more academic vein than the artists' books.

The exhibit is accompanied by a unique and detailed catalog, of which Lauren Dudley observes in her curatorial essay: "This book is not a traditional exhibition catalogue, with physical descriptions of each artwork. Instead, it attempts to bridge the larger themes set forth in the academic books and the singular interpretations of these themes in the artists’ books. Sometimes the classical connections are not specific but rather inferred by the visual treatment of a subject in an artist’s book. Other times, the connections are explicit in the way themes are shared and developed between a scholar’s and an artist’s presentation."

We hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy this unique meeting of scholars and artists at the crossroads.  There is much here to delight, surprise, and even teach!