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Report on the excavations at Tel Dor

Submitted by Alain M Gowing on November 19, 2012 - 3:13pm

This summer, from July 2nd to August 9th, Professor Sarah Stroup will again lead the UW Tel Dor Excavations and Field School.  Returning from a year off for publication and research, the UW team will rejoin with the host teams from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and University of Haifa, to resume excavation in the southern areas of the tell, and to open new areas to the north.  Professor Stroup was once again fortunate to have received a generous $20,000 grant from the Samis Foundation; as before, this money will be used to help subsidize staff participation, and to provide up to 12 partial scholarships for participating students.  Thank you, Samis—we can't wait to get back in the dirt!

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In the photo above: Jessica Kapteyn, a graduate student in Classics and one of the 2011 Samis Scholars

Here are two more photos (taken by Lang Gito), showing the 2011 UW team and the 2011 Samis
scholars and staff beneficiaries: