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Jim Greenfield Undergraduate Travel Bursaries

The Department of Classics is pleased to invite undergraduate students in the Department of Classics to apply for JIM GREENFIELD UNDERGRADUATE TRAVEL BURSARIES.

Awards for the calendar year 2024-25 (including summer 2024) will be made on a competitive basis. To apply for a Jim Greenfield Undergraduate Travel Bursaries Scholarship, please use our UW Classics Scholarship Application Form (n.b. this form works best in the Chrome browser). Mark your status as Undergraduate, then select "Jim Greenfield Undergraduate Travel Bursaries". You will be asked to include a statement of between 300 and 500 words discussing your intended travel plans, and how these plans will enrich your study and appreciation of the Classical world. The statement should include a brief discussion of the costs and practicalities of the intended travel, and of your financial circumstances.  You will also need to upload a copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine).

Applications may be submitted at any time.  Jim Greenfield Undergraduate Travel Bursaries may be used for the Department's Rome Program, for travel associated with participation in archaeological excavations, for independent travel to areas of Classical interest, or for other kinds of study-related travel for which the applicant can make a cogent case. In some cases an award might allow a student to remain overseas for study travel in the wake of the Department's Rome Program.

The amount of each award will be determined by the selection committee.

All qualified students are encouraged to apply.

Recipients of Jim Greenfield Undergraduate Travel Bursaries


Blake Bernethy


Melissa Barker
Kathleen Michal


Alex Betz
Karianna Tripp
Theodore Anderson
Senait Araya
Ana Maria Constantin
Madolyn Hyttiainen-Jacobson
Tuan Ngo
Sally Rim
Lorraine Abagatnan


Lily He
Natalie Hollenbaugh
Myung Ju Kim
Yiru Luo
Ashley Michel
Chris Mowers
Sierra Rasmussen
Courtney Sprague
Kelley Stenger
Evan Wogrin


Gessica Adorato
Mongolijn Bat-Erdene
Jesse Brown
Daria-Rosemary Bugel-Shunra
Alexis Colter
Cassandra Marcotte
Rebekka Nicholson
Bryce Peel
Scarlett Strauss
Zia Wanalista


Ashleigh Brock
Alexandra Holttum
Kayoung Kim
Brant McPherson


Ahmed Al Awadhi
Amanda Halverson
Kelsey McKay


Stephanie King
Tammy Nguyen
James Piper
Emma Schulte


Blake Cantrell
Laura Chipman
Ian Henry
Gabrielle Makinson


Malia Piper
Sylvia Spiers
Allen Snider
Sarah Montgomery
Noelani Bumatay-Jefferson
Berit Elvejord


Kyle Vormestrand - Tel Dor


Anysia Dumont
Dana Kubilus
Melissa Sassin
Amanda Zurita


Samuel Beckelhymer - Tel Dor
Thomas Heuser - Tel Dor
Trevor Layman - Tel Dor
Cortney Norris - Tel Dor
Jenna Nace - Tel Dor
Tareen Zeynep - Greece


Sasa Foster - Tel Dor
Misa Jeffereis - Field School on Menorca
Trevor Layman
Jenna Nace
Colin McFeron - Tel Dor
Leah Orr - University of Alberta Classics Conference
Melissa Sassin - Tel Dor


Lauren Cannon – Tel Dor


Allyssa Lamb - Tel Dor


Joshua Polansky - Italy
Bridgit Montgomery