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Jim Greenfield Reimbursement of Graduate School Application Fees

The Department of Classics is pleased to announce that we are implementing an additional component to the Jim Greenfield Scholarship program, a scholarship to reimburse undergraduate majors in the Department for application fees to graduate programs and professional schools. Here is a statement of our policy and guidelines on how to apply:

The Department of Classics invites applications from undergraduate majors in Classics, Classical Studies, Latin, or Greek for reimbursement of funds paid in application fees to graduate programs or professional schools (e.g., law or medical school). Requests for reimbursement should be made after graduate applications have been submitted and fees paid. To apply, address a letter to to Professor Deborah Kamen, Chair of the Department of Classics, in which you provide a brief statement of your plans for graduate study as well as a list of the programs to which you have applied and the total of all application fees paid. You may either hand in a hard copy of your letter in the department office, or email it to or directly to Professor Kamen at Please include with your letter a current transcript and photocopies of receipts for fees paid. Reimbursement may be made up to a limit of $500; awards are competitive, paid out from the Jim Greenfield Undergraduate Scholarship Fund (Academic Initiatives), and granted at the discretion of the Department's Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee. The application deadline is February 9, 2024; in exceptional circumstances, later applications may be accepted.



Lexi Smith


Owen Coats
Madolyn Hyytiainen-Jacobson


Matthew Gorey


Bridget Langley


Malia Piper


Devin Gleeson
Sylvia Spiers
R. Allen Snider


John Benefiel
Anysia Dumont
Matthew King
Edward Nolan
Kyle Vormestrand


Marie LaFond
Jaqueline Pincus
Ella Wallace