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Diversity (DIV) Courses in the Department of Classics

CLAS 122 Gateway to the Ancient Greco-Roman World (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV
Introduction to Greek and Roman ways of understanding and shaping the world. A rt, architecture, literature, science, and religion are used to examine ancient ideas about the relationships between man and woman, free person and slave, native and foreigner, civilization and the natural world, mortal and divine. Offered: AWSpS.

CLAS 320 Society and Status in Greece and Rome (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV
Examines the societies of ancient Greece and Rome, with a special focus on status, class, and gender. The diversity of human experience is explored through the study of men, women, children, the elderly, slaves, housing, dress, food, sexuality, medicine, death, religion, theater, politics, law, economics, travel, warfare, art, and athletics. Offered: A.

CLAS 326 Women in Antiquity (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV
A broad survey of primary sources in medicine, law, philosophy, religious ritual, myth, history, and ethnography, informed by perspectives from literature, art, and archaeology. Provides students the tools to analyze the social roles of women in ancient Greece and Rome.

CLAS 328 Sex, Gender, and Representation in Greek and Roman Literature (3) VLPA/I&S, DIV
Affirmation and inversion of gender roles in Greek and Roman literature, myths of male and female heroism; marginalization of female consciousness; interaction of gender, status, and sexual preference in love poetry. Readings from epic, drama, historiography, romance, and lyric.

CLAS 329 Greek and Roman Slavery (5) I&S/VLPA, DIV
Examines slavery in ancient Greece and Rome, investigating chattel slavery and serfdom, the slave supply and slave numbers, the economic role of slavery, the legal status and treatment of slaves, the resistance of slaves, the freeing of slaves, and ideologies of and attitudes toward slavery. Offered: AWSp.

CLAS 420 Freedom in Ancient Rome and the Modern World (3/5) VLPA/I&S, DIV
Examination of the concept of 'freedom' in Ancient Rome, from its founding in the eighth century BC to the fourth century AD. Special attention to comparing the Roman perspective with some modern views of 'freedom', including (but not limited to) the United States from its founding to the present day. Recommended: HSTAM 111, 302, 312, or 313; CLAS 122, 320, or 329 Offered: jointly with HSTAM 420; AWSpS.

CL AR 347 Pompeii: A Time Capsule of Ancient Life (5) VLPA/I&S, DIV
Explores the power differential between men and women, slaves and masters, and citizens and foreigners in the cultural melting pot of ancient Pompeii, which was preserved by a volcanic eruption in 79 CE. Graffiti, skeletal remains, everyday objects, humble and world-class art and monuments will be analyzed. Offered: jointly with ART H 347; AWSp.

CL AR 461 Gender and Sexuality in Classical Art and Archeology (3) VLPA/I&S, DIV
Examines gender and sexuality in the visual and archaeological records of Greece and Rome, with a focus on topics such as the body, clothing, the gaze, homoeroticism, prostitution, gendered spaces, and transgressive genders and sexualities. Offered: jointly with ART H 461; AWSp.