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Classics Student Travel Endowment

Students wishing to apply to the Classics Student Travel Endowment should follow the same guidelines and deadlines in place for the Jim Greenfield Travel Bursaries.  Undergraduate applicants should address a letter of between 300 and 500 words to Professor Deborah Kamen, Chair of the Department of Classics, by January 19, 2024. In it they should discuss their intended travel plans, and how these plans will enrich their study and appreciation of the Classical world. The letter should include a brief discussion of the costs and practicalities of the intended travel, and of the applicant's financial circumstances.  Please email the letter as well as a copy of your transcript either to or Professor Kamen directly at

The Classics Student Travel Endowment was created in 2007 through a very generous matching grant from an anonymous donor.  The match was met in 2009 through equally thoughtful and generous donations from many of the Department’s supporters, including several former graduates of the Department’s Rome program.  The Endowment therefore represents, in a very real sense, the collective effort of many friends of the Department of Classics, all of whom believe, along with the anonymous donor who established the endowment, in the value and even necessity of study abroad for students in this discipline.  Upon meeting the first match the donor generously offered a second matching grant, ensuring that this fund will be a major source of travel awards for undergraduates and graduate students in the Department for many years to come. (Please consider making a contribution to this Endowment and help us meet the second match!)

Recipients of Classics Student Travel Endowment


Kendell Braschler
Cici Fu
Claire Mura
Jess Schnitzer


Melissa Barker
Kathleen Michal