Classics Rome: Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient City (Spring Break)

The Colosseum in Rome
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SPRING BREAK 2016: this intensive study abroad program will introduce students to the cultures of sport and spectacle—especially gladiatorial
events—in ancient Rome. From their mysterious origins to their outrageous popularity, gladiators—slaves, warriors, rebels, heroes—captivated the ancient world just as they continue to captivate our own.  We’ll live, study, and explore in the birthplace of the gladiators and one of the
world’s greatest cities—come explore with us!

We’ll spend our mornings at some of the most important archaeological sites in the world and our afternoons at the UW Rome Center, where we’ll review what we’ve seen and prepare for our next visits.  With an overnight trip exploring Pompeii and the Bay of Naples, a day trip scrambling among the tombs of Etruria, and a hands-on gladiator class, this is a one-of-a-kind experience—come learn with us!  


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