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Name Title Email / Phone Office Hours
Bliquez, Lawrence J. Professor Emeritus of Classics and Art History Denny M262D
Blondell, Ruby Professor Emerita of Classics, Adjunct Professor Emerita of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Denny 262 C
Boulding, Kaitlyn Graduate student
Breitenfeld, Sarah Brucia Graduate student DEN 400k
Spring 2019: Monday 1pm-2pm and by appointment.
Bringman, Joseph E. Graduate Student
Brobeck, Emma Graduate Student DEN 400K
Tuesday/Thursday 11-noon, and by appointment
Chase, Catherine Graduate Student
Clauss, James J. Professor of Classics; Adjunct in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, and Comparative Literature
(206) 543-2266
M 262F Denny Hall
TTh 1:30-2:20 and by appointment
Connors, Catherine M. Professor of Classics (Adjunct in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies)
(206) 543-2266
DEN 262 B
THU 2:45-4:45 or please email for an appointment
Funsten, Grace Teaching Assistant Denny 400K
Wednesdays 11:00 - noon & by appointment
García, Edgar Graduate Student Denny 400k
Summer 19: W 11AM–12PM; Th 11AM–12PM
Gowing, Alain M. Professor of Classics
Denny M262C (north mezzanine)
Spring Quarter 2019: M 9:30-10:30 AM and by appointment
Hanley, Lauryn Graduate Student
Harmon, Daniel P. Professor Emeritus of Classics
Denny M262D
Hinds, Stephen E. Professor
(206) 543-2266
DEN M-262G
Spring 2019: Tuesdays 2:15-3:15 pm, and most days by appointment via email.
Hollmann, Alexander Associate Professor of Classics DEN M262E
Winter 2019 MW 1.30-2.30 and by appointment
Kamen, Deborah Associate Professor of Classics, Adjunct in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies; Graduate Program Coordinator
(206) 543-2526
DEN 262F
Autumn 2019: TBD
Levaniouk, Olga Associate Professor of Classics Denny M262B
MW 11-12noon
Levin-Richardson, Sarah Assistant Professor DEN 227
By appointment
Luo 罗逍然, Xiaoran Graduate Student Denny 400K
Monday 1030-1120 or by arrangement
Machle, Douglas Assistant to the Chair
(206) 543-2266
262B Denny Hall
M-F 8:00-12:00 and 12:30-4:30
McNulty, Mary Graduate Student
Molkova, Diana Graduate student Denny Hall 400K
TTh 14.30-15.30, and by appointment
Ritter, Michael Lecturer Part-time
Seidler, Sophie Graduate Student
Simas, Anna Graduate Student DEN 400K
By appointment academic year 2019-2020
Speth, Nicole Graduate Student
Stewart, Morag Classics Librarian
Allen Library
Stroup, Sarah Culpepper Associate Professor of Classics
Topper, Kathryn Associate Professor of Classics Denny 229
Yirga, Fanaye Graduate Student DEN 400K
Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-12:30 & by appointment (Winter 2019)
Zacks, Joshua Graduate Student Denny TA Loft
W 2:00-3:00 & by appointment