Professor Stroup's War Games

In 2011, aided by a generous course development grant from the College of Arts & Science, Professor Sarah Stroup set out to revive our long moribund but once quite popular Classics 324: Greek and Roman Athletics.  She returned from a research trip that included both Italy and Greece at the end of the summer of 2011 armed with lots of splendid photographs and fresh ideas.   In September of that year she offered a short version of Classics 324 as a Discovery Seminar for the Early Fall Start program, and in the Autumn Quarter 2011 the full, newly revamped version of Classics 324 was offered for the first time in many years.  The course has proven to be wildly successful, so much so that we are offering it again this autumn quarter. 

'War Games' (as Professor Stroup calls it) has attracted attention: click here for an article about the course in the most recent edition of Perspectives, the newsletter of the College of Arts and Sciences.