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LATIN 520 A: Seminar

Meeting Time: 
MW 2:30pm - 4:20pm
DEN 257
Stephen Hinds 2021 portrait photo
Stephen E. Hinds

Syllabus Description:

LATIN 520  (5 creds) Graduate Seminar: Amatory Ovid

Winter 2019  MW 2:30-4:20 Denny 257, Meg Greenfield Room      Stephen Hinds

This graduate seminar will explore Ovid’s Amores and Ars Amatoria, with especially close attention to AmoresBook 1 (reading list text) and Ars AmatoriaBook 3; further readings will be selected from Am.2-3 and from AA 1-2.  Close study of particular passages will be combined with overviews; models, receptions, issues of gender and cultural context will all be considered. 

            We will read from Kenney’s OCT of the amatory poetry (2ndedition, 1994).  For Ars Amatoria 3 our guide will be the full-scale Cambridge orange of Roy Gibson (2003).  For Amores1 our purchase will be the slight but affordable ‘running commentary’ of John Barsby (1973, Bristol/Bloomsbury reprint), but we will will refer throughout to the full-scalecommentary of J.C. McKeown (1989).  Two translation tests, class presentations/reports, SCS-type paper.

Prescribed texts (U Bookstore):  Kenney OCT, Gibson on AA3 (paperback), Barsby on Am.1.


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